Covid 19: Doing and not wearing a face mask on Alert Level 2.

The biggest area of ​​confusion for people living in areas moving from Alert Level 3 to Level 2 is where and when to cover their faces.

Of The widely accepted medical wisdom is that wearing a face mask significantly reduces the transmission of Covid 19..

Basically , Under Level 2 rulesIf you are in an enclosed space where you are likely to be around people where you would not normally be, you must wear a mask.

You don't have to wear a mask in public, but it is recommended.

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You don’t have to wear a mask in public, but it is recommended.

Of course, there are exceptions, such as places where we eat, drink and exercise, which makes wearing masks impractical.

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These are areas where scanning is essential, as health authorities need to be able to locate people through contact tracing if a local outbreak occurs.

Mandatory face mask during and out.

  • Public transport, use of aircraft (including arrival and departure destinations such as train stations and bus stops) and taxi or ride.
  • Visiting healthcare or elderly facilities.
  • Within the retail business, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, shopping malls, indoor marketplaces, takeaway food stores, and Public places, such as museums and libraries..
  • Visiting public areas providing social services with courts and tribunals, local and central government agencies and customer service counters.
Fee masks are mandatory on public transport.

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Fee masks are mandatory on public transport.

Which workers must legally wear face masks?

  • Those working in the public face of a court, tribunal, local or central government agency or social service provider.
  • Delivery drivers at residential addresses – Delivery drivers only need to cover their face when they are out of their vehicle.
  • In the role of confronting a customer working in a cafe, restaurant, bar, nightclub, soup kitchen or any other food and beverage business.
  • Someone who works at the nearest liaison service – for example, a hairdresser or beauty therapist.
  • Staff members of a retail store – including those working on Alert Levels 3 and 4.
  • Employees working in indoor public facilities – for example, a library or museum – do not need to cover their faces in the swimming pool.
  • Drivers of taxis, passenger cars, ferries, buses or trains used for public transport (this does not include school buses and ferries between the North and South Islands).

Where are face masks recommended but not mandatory?

In general, health officials suggest that it is a good idea to wear a mask if you are around people you do not know on an alert level.

“The shape of the delta is more transmitted than droplets, so covering the face is a way we can protect ourselves and each other,” the health ministry said.

Who is not legally required to wear a mask in a public place?

Children under 12, Students on school buses, teachers or students in schools or third educational facilities., A boat or ship with no closed space for passengers, (for example, jetboat tours), charter or group tours or people on private flights. In addition, drivers, pilots, crew or crew who are in a completely separate area from passengers are not required to wear masks.

Is there a discount?

People do not need to wear a mask if they have a medical condition that does not make it appropriate to cover their face.

Under Alert Level 2, people do not wear masks when exercising.

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Under Alert Level 2, people do not wear masks when exercising.

Other exceptions include: If wearing a mask is unsafe (for example, if wearing means the driver cannot drive safely in an emergency) you need to prove your identity You are a deaf person You need to communicate with. You need to take medicine. You need to eat or drink. You are exercising or playing sports or it is not required by law.

Dr. Lucy Telfer Bernard, of the University of Otago’s Department of Public Health, said it is important to remember that wearing a face mask is as important about protecting other people as it is about protecting the wearer.

“When you wear a mask, you are taking care of the community.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wear a face mask when I walk down the street?

No, but it is recommended to cover your face when you cannot maintain physical distance from others, including on crowded streets or other places.

Do I have to wear a face mask with my regular colleagues in the office?

No, but it is recommended. If an epidemic spreads, it is very easy to detect these conditions.

Can I wear a disposable medical mask more than once?

It is recommended that disposable masks be used once and discarded.

Which is better, fabric or medical mask?

Medical masks usually have better filtering, but may not be as appropriate. Double masking with both offers the best of both worlds.

Do students need to wear masks at school?

No, because they’re in the easy-to-detect group. Children under the age of 12 are an exception and children over the age of 12 do not need to wear a bus or school, but they are recommended.

Do we need to wear masks or play sports at the gym?

No, it is not necessary to wear a mask while exercising or playing sports.


Is it necessary to wear masks in the characters facing customers?

Yes they do.

Do you need to wear a mask in a restaurant when you are not eating?

No, but you must scan or register your visit.

Do merchants have to cover their faces if they go to work at someone’s home?

No, but it is strongly recommended that you do so. Stay 2 meters away from others and keep a record of your visit.

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