Covid 19: The decision of the Novax booster shot surprises experts.

Top vaccine experts have confirmed that novax has been confirmed as a favorite. Next year will be widely used in the Code 19 booster program. There is no strong evidence that New Zealanders will need a third dose of the vaccine.

Fran Predi, director of clinical evaluation at the Malagan Institute and Vaccine Alliance Outrea New Zealand, found out only through him. Equipment That 5.36 million new vaccine courses, which have not yet been approved by MEDSF, will take place early next year, possibly as part of a mass booster program.

University of Auckland vaccine specialist Helen Petosis Harris, who has advised the WHO on the vaccine, also found out through the media.

Dr Helen Petosis Harris, a vaccine specialist at the University of Auckland, learned about the booster plan through the media.

Chris McCain / Things.

Dr Helen Petosis Harris, a vaccine specialist at the University of Auckland, learned about the booster plan through the media.

“Usually approved by MedSafe before the purchase arrives. Is the horse leading the carriage?” “It’s complete news for me. I’m a little worried I don’t know anything.”

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Research has not yet confirmed whether booster doses will be needed, especially for healthy adults, said James Usher, a microbiologist at the University of Otago who is part of the government’s Covid 19 vaccine technical advisory group.

Of Delta expansion. This has led to an increase in vaccinations, far more than the government’s plans. There were concerns. Demand will outpace supply. Before the additional shipment of Pfizer. Promised Tuesday.

Covid 19 Response Minister Chris Hopkins. Confirmed on Wednesday. Most of the 5.36 million Novavix courses have been pre-ordered. The agreement was announced last year Will arrive in early 2022.

Novax is one of four vaccines for which the government has a pre-purchase agreement but the remaining three, Pfizer., Johnson And AstraZeneca, Are further involved in the process and have temporary approval. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said before that it was. It’s easy to deal with a vaccine in a rollout..

Purdy wondered why other vaccines could no longer be included in the rollout, which he said should be stepped up as the Delta expands.

Delta outbreaks have increased the demand for vaccinations.  (File photo)

Kevin stents / equipment.

Delta outbreaks have increased the demand for vaccinations. (File photo)

Of these, 63% of eligible people have received a dose of Pfizer, while 33% have been fully vaccinated.

“Now that things have changed with Delta, we want to go even faster,” he said. Another way to increase or accelerate the vaccination program is to add Pfizer as the first dose and something else as the second dose.

“I think the government’s plans for the future are good, but we still can’t be sure whether some groups will need a booster or not until the data is out.”

Petosis Harris did not see any data booster shot being used on Novax.

He said the rollout should only continue with the Pfizer vaccine because the program has “too much” logistics, including another type of vaccine.

Vaccinators had to be specially trained to handle the Pfizer vaccine, which had to be stored at sub-zero temperatures and could survive in the home freezer for only two weeks. Other vaccines had other protocols.

Osher said research is ongoing into whether the Covid 19 vaccine declined over time and whether it provided less protection against more viral strains. Further research was looking into whether it is better for people to take a third dose of the same vaccine, or mix and match.

But the two-dose Pfizer vaccination scheme was still strong.

The vaccine is highly effective against hospital admissions and serious illness, he said.

There is a very real possibility that a booster dose may be needed at some point but not yet. At the moment the priority is on the first and second food.

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