Dunedin surfer Chris Sinclair remembered as ‘top block hell’

Chris Sinclair was a “good bad guy” who “went out to do what he liked.”

The body of a 50-year-old man was found Monday evening on Dunedin’s St. Clair Beach, which is still attached to his surfboard, after he apparently had an accident while surfing.

Officers struggled to keep him alive after a passerby spotted him on the beach and sounded the alarm, but failed to save him.

Fellow surfers described Sinclair, the father of two, as one. Cometwa of Dunedin Surfing Community.Remember him as an “true family man” and “top block” in online tributes.

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Friends Jason Lowe and Mark Stevenson said Sinclair was never far from his wife Louise and two sons, Oli and Ben.

“[He] Always involved in an outdoor activity or other activity, or helping his children, whether on the slopes, on land or on the water.

“It looks like Chris was always up for a challenge and competing in a lot of sports.”

Sinclair worked in competitive wind surfing, and helped establish a local multi-sport and adventure racing scene, in which he also competed.

Many tributes were paid to Sinclair on Wednesday.

Mark Stevenson

Many tributes were paid to Sinclair on Wednesday.

He also rode road and mountain bikes, and the family was an integral part of the local surf and surf life-saving community.

Sinclair and Stevenson said, “Chris and family were literally community.

“He was genuinely interested in people, straightforward, and people commented that he was a real top man.”

Family friend Justin McReady said he was shocked to learn of Sinclair’s death, calling him one of the “good bugs of life.”

“He always smiled, he was just a good man,” he said. “He always gave, a good community boy.”

The families of McRady and Sinclair were very close and have enjoyed many family vacations over the last 10 years.

“I’m fairly average in outdoor activities and he was amazing, he would pull me with him,” he said.

Chris Sinclair surfing with his son Ben, 5.

Mark Stevenson

Chris Sinclair surfing with his son Ben, 5.

“He taught me how to paddle boards. My confidence in mountain biking grew. Most of my outdoor work was done with him.

“He was doing something he liked at the time, which is the only positive thing about him.”

A Facebook post called Sinclair a “hell that ends too soon” that “went out to do what he wanted.”

Thank you for who you were, what you stood for and what you achieved. My thoughts are with Chris’ family and friends.

Another said Sinclair was “one of the best blocks.”

A tribute to Sinclair

Mark Stevenson

A tribute states that Sinclair “ended very soon.”

“We will remember her big friendly smile on the back and on the beach.

“Our love and thoughts go to Louis, his wife, his son Ben, Oli and his grown-up Vanuatu.”

Equipment Sinclair is believed to have been a member of the South Coast Board Riders Association and a manager in Port Otago.

Port Otago declined to comment when contacted. Equipment

In a ___ Facebook post. On Monday, the club said it had a Rohi (temporary closure) from Lawyers Head to Second Beach until 6.30pm on Wednesday, which banned kimwana (seafood) and recreational activities in the area.

A passerby found Sinclair's body on Dunedin's St. Clair Beach around 5:50 p.m. Monday.  (File photo)

Always make blue / stuff.

A passerby found Sinclair’s body on Dunedin’s St. Clair Beach around 5:50 p.m. Monday. (File photo)

Another post said: “It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of one of our comedians last night in the surf.

The letter said the entire surfing community in the south was in mourning.

“On behalf of the club, all its members and the community, we extend our heartfelt condolences to the family in this sad and difficult time.

“We can’t imagine the depth of your pain right now, but know we’re all here for you.”

Dunedin Mayor Aaron Hawkins shared the Rohoi notice on social media on Tuesday, saying his thoughts were with Surfer’s family and friends.

A police spokesman said earlier. Equipment Officers were assisting the coroner in investigating the death.

“The coroner will release his results in due course.”

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