Kiwi Robin Thompson promotes the World Tour cycling team Groupama-FDJ.

Robin Thompson is in action in France for Groupma-FDJ.

Rubin Eddy / Things.

Robin Thompson is in action in France for Groupma-FDJ.

Queen Town cyclist Robin Thompson is the latest New Zealand athlete to make the UCI World Tour.

The 20-year-old will go on a world tour in 2023, extending his stay with the prestigious French team Groupama-FDJ.

Thompson is with the Groupma-FDJ continental development team at the end of his first year, but he has impressed the organization enough to call up the World Tour team.

He will return to the continent team in his second year in 2022, and will move to the World Tour organization where he will be full time from 2023.

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As part of the move, the young Kiwi rider will compete with the World Tour team several times and this is behind a great debut season for Thomson.

These include the General Rankings, Points and Mountain Jerseys three-stage Guerrero della Valle de Asta Mont Blanc and other podiums in the Stage and General Rankings.

Rubin is an investment for the future.

He won a real climbing race this year with Guerrero de Adosta. He should improve his learning and above all in the technical field.

“That’s why he will be riding with the training team for another year and will be gradually integrated into the World Team during the season to prepare for 2023.”

“It’s a dream come true,” Thompson said.

“I feel great at Groupama-FDJ. With the continental team, I can prepare in a great environment,” Thompson said.

“At the beginning of the year, I couldn’t compete in a race like the Baltic China Tour, but now I’m more than a climber. I want to learn next season to really get ready for the World Tour.

This year he has come under the tutelage of French superstar Thibaut Pinot, who has been a multi-stage winner in the Grand Tours and has won one of the most memorable international tour races, the Guerrero di Lombardia.

Thompson hopes to be selected for the next World Championships where he will likely form a strong under-23 team with a number of professionals based in Europe, including Finn Fisher-Black, who Profile World Tour Team UAE Team has joined the UAE.

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