Mystery Middle Moore Hospital Cove 19 case: ‘We knew it was inevitable’

As health officials scramble to investigate a mysterious Coed 19 infection at Middlemore Hospital – and how to make up for the lack of staff – case management by unions and opposition parties has been hailed as a failure and a mess. Has gone

Middle Moore Hospital.

Image: RNZ / Claire Eastham Ferley

A man was admitted on Saturday with an unintentional virus, Four wards with 29 staff are closed.

Today, health officials could not say how the patient and eight members of his family caught the virus, if any of them had been vaccinated and how many other surgeries and patients were infected.

Covid 19 Response Minister Chris Hopkins said. Checkpoint His understanding was “there is a link” and work was underway to find it.

Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield has assured that there are no areas of interest, and said Auckland’s health authorities have identified it as a low-risk event for the community.

“They are partially interacting with individual members of this family just to see if they can get to the bottom of how the first person in the house was affected and how they relate to the wider epidemic. Can be found. “

Inside Middlemore Hospital, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pat Watson admitted that there were no rooms available on the ward to isolate the person as soon as he suspected of having the virus.

The incident happened at a time when many staff members were already out of work because they were in a position of interest.

Nurses’ organization Kawakhire Kerry Noko said it had exposed a failed, under-resourced healthcare system that had been caught unprepared for Kwid 19.

“It’s a frustrating part of it. We knew it was inevitable, but we were definitely not ready,” he said.

While the County Manukau District Health Board is reviewing the incident, Dr. Bloomfield says he thinks there was no negligence, and Health Minister Andrew Little says the hospital is well-equipped to deal with the virus. Has gone

Defending the hospital’s front door screening, Dr Pat Watson said there was no way to know if the man, who suffered from abdominal pain, was a coward.

He said that the abdominal pain will now be checked in the coveted questionnaire.

National Party leader Judith Collins called the situation “messy.”

“The number one item that should be available to hospitals,” he said. Rapid antigen testing. For Cove 19

“It’s only 15 minutes to see if the test shows a coward. Then they could actually take more appropriate action,” he said.

Green Party leader James Shaw also believed the situation could have been avoided.

“As long as you pay less and less to the staff you have, you run the risk of a higher error rate,” he said.

Act leader David Seymour said the delay before the man was taken into solitude was partly due to a change in staff shifts.

“There were also major problems with the staff not wearing PPE in and out of the ward. So these are important issues,” he said.

Sarah Dalton, executive director of the Association of Cellular Medical Specialists, says adding staff to separate ‘pods’, and reducing the number of patients, minimizes the impact of the case.

But she can also think of some ways in which Middle Moore Hospital could be better prepared.

“The dilapidated state of hospital facilities, the need to rely only on shared rooms with curtains, the lack of negative pressure rooms, is really making our hospitals look extremely vulnerable, should admissions for coveed increase – or with unknown coveted Said.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Auckland is already bringing in staff from across the country to meet the shortage.


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