New Zealand faces Davis Cup tie challenge against South Korea.

New Zealand’s Davis Cup tie against South Korea next weekend will be an unknown journey for the team on many levels.

The World Group I tie is taking place at the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Island, as New Zealand was unable to host the event due to the country’s border restrictions.

Christophe Lambert is hiring Alastair Hunt, Tennis New Zealand’s director of high performance, as captain, while Isaac Beckroft and Finn Reynolds will both start the Davis Cup.

Meanwhile, Koreans have chosen Sonovon Kwon, ranked 76th in the world and the strongest singles player on any team to date.

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However, Lambert thinks that in addition to playing tie on the grass, he should also be out of the encounter.

“Everyone will be equal, obviously Cowan is playing well this year,” Lambert said.

Michael Venus is only likely to play doubles in the Davis Cup tie against South Korea.

John Copeland /

Michael Venus is only likely to play doubles in the Davis Cup tie against South Korea.

“He has improved a lot. I know him well and I know what he can do.

All Korean players are hardworking and encouraging when they play for their country.

“So it will be a tough competition, but we also have a very good team, with very encouraging players. I think the Korean players are ahead of us, but it will be a good fight.

Ajit Roy’s non-selection in the New Zealand team raised eyebrows in some quarters.

As previously reported by Stuff, He was initially signaled to join the team, so he canceled a MIQ voucher that was to return to New Zealand, but was later told he would not be in it and is now stuck abroad. Is.

It was clearly a bad situation, for which Tennis NZ has apologized and reimbursed Roy.

But it was an interesting call that New Zealand’s highest-ranked singles player should not be selected at 895 in the world, even though Robin Statham has a safe ranking of 280.

Lambert said the selectors felt that Beckroft and Reynolds were the players for the tie, along with veterans Michael Venus, Marcus Daniel and Robin Statham.

“Art and Isaac deserve to be selected for the Davis Cup team, and that’s what the selection committee decided,” Lambert said.

“It is never easy to choose and those who are not elected are not happy.

“Our job after that is to make sure they understand why and then it’s my role.

“Isaac is the New Zealand champion, he won the residences, the art is a lefty, he’s amazing on the grass. He beat three guys in the NCAA top 10. These guys are between 500 and 700 on the ATP. So She deserves to be there too.

Daniel and Venus will play doubles in rubber and it should be a match that New Zealand can count on winning.

Venice, with her great service, could have had the option of playing singles on the grass, but Lambert says that is unlikely.

“Mike will not play in singles and we have players to play in singles,” he said.

We need points in doubles and we have experienced players in the team.

“We will practice for a week first and we will see how the players are playing, then I will choose the best team to play on the first day.”

Statham, 34, has not played on the ATP circuit since February 2019, although he did play for New Zealand in the Davis Cup victory over Venezuela in March 2020.

“They are playing Australian mini tournaments (in June and July) in Queensland and playing against the boys who were in the top 100 and had great matches,” Lambert said.

“Honestly, Rubin hasn’t played on the pro circuit in a long time and I wish he did, but it was difficult with Coved.

“He’s still our best singles player when he’s in the Davis Cup, he’s totally excited and I’m sure he’s going to do well.”

At a glance

History: September 18-19.

Location: International Tennis Hall of Fame, Newport, USA

Level: Grass

New Zealand: Robin Statham, Isaac Beckroft, Marcus Daniel, Michael Venus, Finn Reynolds.

South Korea: Sun Wu Kwon, Jessong Nam, Yunsheng Chung, Seong Chen Hong, Manko Song.

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