Patients at Middle Moore Hospital, the closest to Cove 19, tested negative.

The three patients most at risk of contracting Covid 19 are from a person with whom they shared a room at Middlemore Hospital. Three-day tests have been negative.

A healthcare worker in the emergency department at Middlemore Hospital says the number of staff being pulled from the roster daily is a matter of concern because it is already under severe pressure due to staff shortages.

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Image: LDR / Stephen Forbes.

Fellow patients spent hours in a small ward with a man who was initially admitted to a part of the hospital for low-risk people with covidia 119 but was later diagnosed with the virus.

More than 80 patients and 29 staff were possibly exposed.

The results of the initial three-day test were all negative on Wednesday night, and more results are due this morning.

Dr Pat Watson, chief medical officer at Middlemore Hospital, said he was relieved that three patients in the same ward were negative.

Watson said the airflow in the room could help, with air coming out near the man’s bed, and staff said the man was wearing a mask.

All three were not out of the jungle yet, the crucial day will be five Tests tomorrow.

Several members of the man’s family tested positive.

Watson said he apologized to those who shared the ward.

“They were confused, confused, confused and wanted some explanation,” he said.

One of the four wards that were closed due to the danger of spreading through the ventilation of Cove 19 has now reopened.

Watson said it was considered “extremely low risk”.

He said his ventilation system in the other three wards would be replaced to reduce airflow between him and other parts of the hospital.

Watson said changes have been made to the hospital’s Covid 19 screening to include abdominal pain, which was the man’s first symptom when he first arrived.


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