The Minister of Cove 19 explained the details of the reopening of Crown Plaza Quarantine.

The arrival of hundreds of seasonal workers and dozens of fishermen from other countries has been postponed to make room for administrative isolation and quarantine (MIQ) facilities.

By the end of September, the total number of MIQ rooms allocated is projected to exceed operational capacity.

Covid 19 Response Minister Chris Hopkins said. Checkpoint He cannot reject requests for sports and other group bookings to vacate rooms in the future.

“Over the next few weeks, we don’t see any major bookings that fit this category,” he said.

“If there is a massive increase in community affairs that we need to deal with, it will put more pressure on the system.”

He said if. Case numbers kept falling.“The government will fulfill all the promises we have made for our MIQ facilities,” he said.

“We have postponed some RSE workers who were coming and we are looking at group bookings and the latest I have heard is that a group of fishermen who were coming and was also postponed. And so it frees up some more space. “

He said there were several hundred RSE workers and about 40 to 50 fishermen.

Crowne Plaza reopened as MIQ Hotel.

he said Crown Plaza In Auckland – which reopens tomorrow – was safe for both close community contacts and recent expatriates.

“The reason for bringing Crown Plaza back on board is that yes, we need it as part of our overall network. We believe in a number of different studies that it is safe to do so now.”

The source of the current community outbreak is still a mystery when an investigation found that the chances of transmission through the public atrium in Crown Plaza were slim.

The audit revealed that the ventilation system in the Crown Plaza met the relevant standards.

Hopkins said it would be possible to divide the MIQ hotel into close contacts and returnees into different groups.

Currently, there are 30 close community connections in 17 rooms in various MIQ facilities.

In the case of Middlemore, Hopkins said work was under way to find connections. “My understanding is that there is a link.”


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