The quake-hit Wellington building at the University of Otago is expected to remain closed until 2024.

Most of the University of Otago's Wellington campus is closed, and its main building in the capital was shaken by an earthquake.

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Most of the University of Otago’s Wellington campus is closed, and its main building in the capital was shaken by an earthquake.

The University of Otago’s main Wellington campus building, which was. It closed abruptly last month due to earthquake fears., Is likely to remain closed for another three years.

Hundreds of staff and students were asked to work from home when the building was given an earthquake rating of 15% after an independent assessment. The quality of the new building., Which the university considered too dangerous for anyone working or studying inside the building.

As a result, the university lost access to 7,500 square meters of 9,000 square meters, which it was using as offices, laboratories, meeting rooms and teaching venues in the capital, which posed a major challenge. Liwak said in a statement on Tuesday.

Staff were informed last week that the building is expected to be at least 2024 before it becomes usable.

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Liwak said it was too early to say how the closure would affect the university’s research output.

The Wellington campus has 450 staff and 1,020 students.

Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Pathology, Physiotherapy, Basic Health Care, Psychiatry, Public Health, Radiation Therapy and Surgery and Anesthesia programs are taught on campus.

The main building is adjacent to Wellington Regional Hospital in New Town. But the hospital was not affected.

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A simulation reveals how the Cassicora earthquake shook the country before Wellington’s offices shook, including a call center in Hutt Valley, caught on CCTV.

The university owns the building, which was built in the mid-1970s.

Liwak said it was looking for alternative buildings with the help of “a large number of different organizations” so that staff and students could work and study together again in the “medium term”.

But as it took some time, it was also preferring other solutions, such as using short-term lease space in the meantime.

“Some staff live on campus in other buildings, and this number could increase once further review of campus buildings is completed. Will be able.

The initial seismic measurement was being peer-reviewed and other university buildings in Wellington were being inspected, Liwak said.

However, the latest. Covid-19 The spread of the community delayed the assessment of some of them.

Dean had previously said the quake’s risk rating was “surprising”.

Stephen Wallace, chief operating officer at the University of Otago, also acknowledged that the move would be disruptive for staff and students, but said “the health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority and at the heart of this decision.” ۔

Matthew Parr, chief financial officer of the Capital and Coast District Health Board, said engineers were unable to visit the site under Alert Levels 3 and 4 while inspecting and reviewing nearby hospital buildings.

“The information we have is that our buildings are safe to occupy, and to maintain flexibility we complete and complete our program to upgrade our campus. Our patients, staff, or services The supply has not been affected.

Par said the health board could not confirm when more seismic measurements or work would be completed at the hospital due to the ongoing Cove 19 restrictions amid the current epidemic.

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