The union says the students’ hardship fund is “an ambulance under a mountain.”

One union says more needs to be done to prevent people from dropping out of school due to financial difficulties.

An additional مل 20 million is being poured into the Hardship Fund for Learners, which the government says will help about 15,000 students.

But Andrew Lesles, president of the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA), says the extra cash is only $ 50 for every third student in the country and more needs to be done.

Students are often “uncertain employees,” many of whom have lost their jobs or seen their hours reduced due to the Quaid 19 lockdown.

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“Many students are not eligible for a wage subsidy because they are in a comfortable job or in roles that are simply exhausting,” Leslie said.

“There are thousands, if not tens, of students who have no form of income from the government.”

He said troubled funds were “not good enough”.

“Having an ambulance down the hill doesn’t help if there is no fence at the top.”

NZUSA, one with 49 other student organizations across the country. Action plans to help students during an epidemic..

His hopes include the introduction of a temporary universal student allowance, which will be paid to all students regardless of age or type of study.

Education Secretary Chris Hopkins announced additional funding. Difficulty fund for learners. on Wednesday.

Founded last year with an initial ڈالر 20 million to help students, 10 10 million was later added to the government’s 2021 budget.

Hopkins said a third investment was needed because the government realized that Covid 19 had made it difficult for students to continue their studies.

“We know that strong public health response is the best approach for Covid 19, and we know that by taking swift, decisive action, we will allow our third students to return to their studies in workshops, classrooms and lecture theaters.” Give the best opportunity. ” Said.


The Student Volunteer Army is helping to launch the vaccine in Christchurch.

The discretion of the Ministry of Social Development to repay student loans and allowances will continue until the alert level restrictions are lifted.

Hopkins said the money could be used to help students cope with any difficulties that interfere with their ability to continue their education, including the cost of technology for distance learning. ۔

“Because student needs are diverse, this funding is flexible. Third party providers understand the needs of their students and will distribute them in the most appropriate way.

Chloe Swarbark, a Green Party MP, said the application for payments was “different” and “offensive”, requiring students to provide a bank statement to prove their financial difficulties.

“I’ve heard from a lot of students and this process is incredibly embarrassing and humiliating.”

“It is really clear that some universities are cooperating better with their student associations than others.”

He said the students effectively described his Hopkins announcement as “a slap in the face.”

“There is no hint of what is happening on earth.”

Of Greens has started a petition. Demand for “Instant Direct Financial Assistance” for all students

Penny Symonds, a spokeswoman for National Territorial Education, questioned how long it would take for students to access the new fund, saying the 25 funding announced in July last year for mental health funding for a third student. None of the millions of dollars had yet paved the way for them.

“I’m not sure much is being done to help the students.”

A student from Wellington, Joe Equipment Agreed on condition of anonymity, saying that applicants for difficulties only give them “universities they deem appropriate”.

“A friend of mine, with a child, was given ممکن 350 out of a possible $ 600. No explanation as to why,” he said.

“Any difficult funding requests are subject to their approval. This process is not only embarrassing for my age but also takes away a person’s dignity and sovereignty.

“As a student with two young children, I am not looking for a handout, nor am I willing to discuss my finances with my university to raise funds for the difficulties.”

He said it is especially difficult for students to get degrees that require clinical hours, such as midwifery or other medical degrees, because they do not have enough hours a week to work part-time. Be able to add

“I can’t help but feel that the government has not had any problems with the students this time.”

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