The Warriors will spend all of next year’s NRL season in Australia.

The Warriors are set to spend their third season outside New Zealand.

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The Warriors are set to spend their third season outside New Zealand.

The Warriors are ready to announce that the club will spend the entire 2022 season in Australia.

Sources inside the NRL have revealed. Equipment The club’s plans to stay in Radcliffe, North Brisbane for the entire season have been approved by the organisation’s CEO Andrew Abdou and the Australian Rugby League Commission.

Equipment It is understood that a media conference on Thursday will confirm that due to the undisputed border situation between New Zealand and Australia, the club will play several of its home games in Brisbane.

However, once the border is clear at the end of the year, the team will try to create a hit-and-run mission to play the game at Mount Smart Stadium, arriving a few days before the game and then Australia shortly thereafter. Will come back

The Warriors have spent part of the last two seasons in Terrigal on the Central Coast.

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The Warriors have spent part of the last two seasons in Terrigal on the Central Coast.

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By doing so, it reduces the risk of warriors getting stuck in New Zealand if the Transman Travel Bubble is stopped abruptly, once it is up and running again.

This also means that if the players are in Australia when there is a break, they are not cut off from the family.

That was the situation in 2020, and Warriors CEO Cameron George later vowed to do everything possible to prevent it from happening again. But the team could play half of next year’s home games at Mount Smart Stadium.


Warriors chief executive Cameron George has apologized to fans for the Titans game.

No Warriors players or staff have returned to New Zealand since the last game of the season on Sunday and none of them know if they will return at Christmas.

The Warriors had planned a short trip to Auckland for their 22nd round game against the Bulldogs in August, but those plans were thwarted by the current epidemic in Australia, which moved the NRL to Queensland.

By committing to Radcliffe for the entire season, the players’ families will be able to rent their own homes and children can be enrolled in local schools for the entire year.

During the current campaign, the Warriors spent time in Kiama, Tom Worth, Terrigal and the Gold Coast, which meant numerous obstacles for the players’ families, especially when partners and children were quarantined in Queensland for two weeks. Fell, while the players went inside. Their own bubble

The Warriors last played an NRL game in New Zealand in August 2019, meaning the club will be three years away from their Auckland base.

Despite this, the Warriors are determined to develop their New Zealand roots and league players in the country, even though they have not been able to field older teams in Australian competitions due to the border situation.

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