A patient at Middlemore Hospital tested positive for Covid 19.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that a person tested positive for Code-19 in the emergency department of Middlemore Hospital today after being exposed to an irrelevant problem.

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Middlemore Hospital Emergency Department
Image: LDR

In a statement, the ministry said the man was presented with a non-quaid 19 issue.

They have been assessed in the emergency department and have spent some time in the adult’s short stay ward before deciding to go home.

According to the ministry, the patient’s responses showed that he had no experience with Covid 19, no symptoms and was not in a position of interest.

The patient agreed to the sweep of Coved 19 but decided to leave before the result became available.

His Covid 19 Test later came back positive.

The ministry said the patient had been informed of their positive results, and was now isolated.

The other patients who have been exposed have all been identified, informed and isolated.

The ministry said all staff at Middlemore Hospital’s emergency department were fully dressed in PPE and the risk was low, so no staff was being deployed.

The health ministry said more information would be provided tomorrow.


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