ANZ online banking services also closed for the third day

In the past, customers have been told to try again later if they have difficulty accessing the bank's online services.

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In the past, customers have been told to try again later if they have difficulty accessing the bank’s online services.

ANZ’s online banking services are offline for the third day in a row after the cyber attacks.

Unable to load the bank’s website and mobile app goMoney on Friday morning.

Bank DDoS (Distributed Denial Service) was attacked on Wednesday and Thursday.

Cybercriminals carry out DDoS attacks, replacing an organization’s web services with huge amounts of online traffic, causing their sites to crash repeatedly.

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* There are plans to close the NZ Post and ANZ is facing ongoing obstruction during cyber attacks.
* The government is assessing the impact of Wednesday’s denial of service attacks.

Such attacks often come with a ransom demand, although authorities are wary of paying ransom to organizations because there is no guarantee that an attack will be stopped.

ANZ has been contacted for comment.

In a Facebook post updated at 7.40am on Friday, ANZ said it was facing another shutdown in its online services.

That is not enough, but we are very grateful for your patience and understanding as we work hard to resolve it.

He said customer cards, ATMs, direct debit and APs that were already in place would still work.

Phone banking services are still working, but its phone lines will be busy again.

The website Monitoring Service shows the first report of troubles to Down Detector ANZ starting at 6 a.m. on Friday, with 444 reports logged by 4:45 p.m.

The bank told a customer on Twitter that it could not say when the problem would be resolved, but its technology team was working to resolve it as a priority.

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