Code 19 updates for September 19 – as happened.

Auckland’s 868 cases of delta outbreaks include 121 children under the age of nine who cannot be vaccinated. Follow all of today’s Kovid 19 developments with RNZ Live Blog.

Talking about today’s media update – It was revealed that there are 13 new community cases of Cove 19 in New Zealand today. – Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says 77% of people over the age of 40 have been given at least one dose, while 64% of people aged 12+ have been given at least one dose and 65+ 89% of people have been vaccinated with one dose.

In the fourth week of the Delta Level 4 lockdown with Auckland, and the rest of the country at Level 2, Arden said it is important that everyone is vaccinated.

“If everyone who can be vaccinated is vaccinated, you are potentially saving someone’s life that can’t be.”

Of the current cases, 121 are children under the age of nine, he said.

“These are children who cannot be vaccinated at this stage.”

Order also confirmed this today. More than 250,000 additional doses of the Pfizer vaccine were being shipped from Spain to New Zealand..

Follow all of today’s Covid 19 developments with RNZ’s live blog:


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