Cove 19: A patient from the Middle Moore Emergency Department tests positive.

A man who appeared in the emergency department of Middlemore Hospital on Thursday said he had a positive experience for Cove 19.

The patient came to the hospital with a non-cowardly problem and had no symptoms, but was examined.

The health ministry said in a statement Thursday night that he had left the hospital before receiving his results, but was now isolated.


The Delta outbreak has 13 new community cases of Covid 19, all over Auckland. This brings the total to 868.

The patient spent some time in the adult short stay ward before deciding to self-discharge.

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All ED and Adult Short Stay Area staff wore the necessary PPE for the hospital area, including N95 masks and goggles.

As such, the risk to these staff members is considered minimal.

No staff is standing.

Patients who were considered close to the patient in question have been identified, reported, and isolated.

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