Cove 19: Places of Interest in Delta Spreads – 9 September.

Two counts have been added as the latest coveted places of interest, the Ministry of Health released the names on Thursday at 6 p.m.

The countdown branches in Papatoetoe and Sunnynook are of interest. Papatoetoe Store on September 5 between 8.45am and 10am. Listed twice in the Sunny Nook store: August 30 at 12 noon to 12.45 pm, and September 3 at 10.15 am to 12 noon.

Cash machines, supermarkets and a pharmacy were also among the places of interest. Cove 19 Delta Spread..

Sopa Save Supermarket in Satara, Soda Chemist and Cash Machine in Manukau are new places of interest until Thursday afternoon.

People who visit Bargain Chemist in Manukau are advised to isolate themselves and get tested immediately and on the fifth day.

Other tips on the website are for people who have visited sites for self-monitoring of Covid 19 symptoms in the next 14 days.

Pak Health Mangira is one of the interesting places announced by the Ministry of Health.

Ricky Wilson / Things.

Pak Health Mangira is one of the interesting places announced by the Ministry of Health.

Earlier on Thursday, the health ministry announced a number of interesting locations, including a laundromat, dairy and supermarket.

There are now 128 places of interest as of Thursday, and the list includes several. Essential services Such as supermarkets, dairies, pharmacies and more.

This list can be viewed in two ways: Date of visit. (There’s a new word with spaces added today) Or, if you change the toggle. Date included., Newly added locations appear at the top of the list.

If you were in a position of interest at a particular time, you would need to isolate and test yourself. Follow the instructions for this location. Ministry of Health website And call the health line. 0800 358 5453. For testing advice

This list is automatically updated as they appear in places of interest. Ministry of Health website.

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