Covid 19 Outbreak Report: What Happened Today, September 9?

Here’s an immediate round of the biggest updates since September 9th. Cove 19 Delta Spread.Including Latest cases, Details Places of interest And information about New Zealand has purchased 250,000 Pfizer vaccines from Spain..


Has 13 new cases. Covid-19 I Delta community expansion.Which brings the total number to 868.

All new cases are in Auckland. So far 264 people have recovered.

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To date, the epidemic has 30 unrelated cases. Half of the 13 new cases announced Thursday are still linked to the epidemic.

There are 31 people in Cove 19. Hospitals throughout Auckland. Five of them are in intensive care, and three are on ventilator.

Information about Here’s where you can test..

Yansu showed one of the masks he had made.  He gave something to his local vaccination center.

Bria Ingram / Things.

Yansu showed one of the masks he had made. He gave something to his local vaccination center.

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New Zealand has one Deal more than 250,000 Pfizer vaccines with Spicer..

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the first of two agreements aimed at maintaining it. Vaccination rates are high throughout September.. Food is due Friday morning. she said Another deal was in progress To send a large number of vaccines, and he believed that the vaccination program could continue at a faster pace.

Arden also said that New Zealand is on track. Announcing the opening of the border next year, With the certification of the Ministry of Health. Vaccine passport Will be available from December. This comment contradicts Covid 19’s minister Chris Hopkins., Who told parliament this week that the reopening plan would need to work again in front of Delta.

Students at Hillcrest High in Hamilton returned to school on Thursday.

Mark Taylor / Equipment.

Students at Hillcrest High in Hamilton returned to school on Thursday.

Went to school For many areas today back to level 2. After three weeks at home under level 3 and 4 lockdown. Return to school is restricted, meaning parents cannot enter doors and masks are recommended for students 12 years of age or older.

To date, 121 cases of community outbreak have occurred in children under the age of nine, Arden said.

Under Level 2, masks are required in most settings, and indoor hospitality venues are limited to 50 people. Here’s a reminder of what you can and can’t do under Modified Level 2.

Auckland is set to stay at level 4 until at least September 14.

Places of interest.

These include an ATM, a supermarket and a pharmacy. Latest places of interest About Cove 19 Delta Spread..

People who visited. Chemist trading in Manukau. They are advised to isolate themselves and get tested immediately and on the fifth day. People who have Visited places. Over the next 14 days, monitor for symptoms of Covid 19.

You can get one. Coved 19 Tests here..

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