Cowed 19 case update: 13 new community cases were reported in New Zealand today.

The number of new daily cowardly 19 community cases has dropped to 13 in Auckland today.

Corona virus COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, 3D example.  A closer look at the corona virus with superficial spikes.

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In today’s media conference, Director General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield said that more than half of the cases are already linked to the current epidemic.

There are a total of 868 cases of delta spread in Auckland. Today there are 31 people in the hospital, all in Auckland. Five are in ICU or high dependency unit, three need ventilation.

Two cases were reported today in administrative isolation.

Yesterday, there. There were 15 reported cases in the community..

Dr Bloomfield said a total of 17,684 tests were performed in Autoland and 8,472 in the Auckland area.

He said the increase in the number of tests was key to gaining the government’s confidence that the epidemic had been contained.

He said surveillance was being carried out at several major Auckland companies, including pop-up testing sites for test staff in one or two supermarkets.

Te P┼źnaha Matatini Covid-19 Data modeling expert Sean Handy said yesterday. In Auckland, Alert Level 4 was working against the Delta almost as it did last year..

Handy said reaching the extinction stage – where the virus was no longer circulating in the community – would soon be possible if restrictions continued in Auckland.


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