Former Conservative leader Colin Craig has lost a long-running legal battle.

Former Conservative leader Colin Craig has lost his 10-year legal battle against a press secretary who was sexually harassed.

Colin Craig in the High Court in Auckland on September 24, 2018.

Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig.
Image: RNZ / Dan Cook

The Court of Appeals had earlier dismissed Craig’s appeal against the High Court’s decision, which ruled that Craig was liable to damages Rachel McGregor for defamation, and now the Supreme Court upheld it. Is.

This is the last chapter in a decade-long legal story over the end of the 2014 election campaign, when McGregor abruptly resigned as Craig’s press secretary. After the election, the party broke up.

Craig had earlier lost a bid to overturn a court order that he sexually harassed McGregor.

The appeal relates to the 2019 High Court decision in the Craig defamation case against McGregor.

Justice Hunton found that Craig and McGregor had defamed each other to some extent, but found that Craig had sexually harassed his former employee.

Craig went to the appellate court to challenge this, but the court dismissed the appeal and ordered Craig to pay the costs.

Craig challenged the decision in the Supreme Court, which today rejected the latest bid and ordered it to pay McGregor 25 2,500.

The court ruled that Craig’s proposed appeal “does not raise issues of general or public importance. Nor do we see any evidence of a miscarriage of justice, given the factual findings in both courts.”


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