Getting the CoV 19 vaccine can cost my family dearly.

Getting vaccinated for Covid 19 is a big decision for some people.  Those with the highest risk of serious illness or death from covid 19 are often targeted by misinformation.

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Getting vaccinated for Covid 19 is a big decision for some people. Those with the highest risk of serious illness or death from covid 19 are often targeted by misinformation.

Opinion: Like many people Around New Zealand, I got my first dose of the Covid 19 vaccine.

Unlike many people, getting. Vaccine It has been one of the hardest decisions of my life.

It’s a choice that will separate me from my family. So unlike the 20 things that are celebrating my vaccination on social media, I hold back the tears because of how much this vaccine can cost me.

Since the onset of the epidemic, my family has been living in a rabbit hole. Conspiracies.

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This is a place where we are unfortunately unaware.

My father is a strong, loving and protective man. However, he often goes to extremes to take care of his family.

During this epidemic, it has been a roller coaster of cowardly conspiracies.

His constant research makes it difficult for him to know who to trust, including his family.

I know my father means good. He has a wonderful way of showing it.

Sadly, vaccination has become the last showdown, and I’ve gone in the wrong direction.

I thought about getting the vaccine for several months because I knew it could harm my family.

Vaccination, I can no longer be welcome in my family home. I may lose my relationship with my father.

I may lose memories we never had because they might not take me down the aisle, and we may not have the father and daughter dance I dreamed of as a child.

Because, in getting the vaccine, he’ll think I cheated on him.

I need a vaccine. About the great good.

It’s about protecting yourself and protecting the community, especially those who can’t afford it, my friends, and ultimately, my family (it’s an irony).

My father and I are trying to do the same thing, but in two different ways.

I am even more sorry that my father will never know the pain that my decision will be possible for him.

I want him to know that I am doing my best and trying to do the right thing, as he has taught me.

Unfortunately, this time we are standing on different sides of the fence, but I hope we will find a common ground again soon.

And there is more I can say because it is a problem that is tearing my family apart.

However, I hope that with this snapshot of my life, people can see that there are many aspects to the story.

So in this incredibly stressful time, be kind because no one knows what’s going on behind closed doors.

Be kind because everyone is trying to do what they think is right.

Be kind, because everyone is doing their best.

The author’s name has been withheld for their protection.

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