Heavy storms and rain will hit the southern, lower island.

Severe northwest storms and heavy rain are expected today and tomorrow, with speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour and 160 millimeters of rain in Canterbury.

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Met Service has released. Severe weather warning, Canterbury High Country and Plains, Southland and Otago will be affected by the storm by midnight tomorrow.

Marlborough, Wellington and Virarpa were expected to continue until tomorrow evening.

Rainfall of 140 km / h is expected for Canterbury Highlands while 120 km / h in other areas.

The headwaters of lakes and rivers in Canterbury, south of Arthur’s Pass, were also scheduled to get wet tonight, with up to 160 mm of rain expected in about 13 hours.

Heavy rain is expected in Fayreland, Westland, as well as at the head of lakes and rivers in Otago, south of Otera, from 10 a.m. to about 24 hours this morning.

Metsrus also warned of up to 8 cm of snow near the tunnel on Milford Road and up to 3 cm near the summit on Lindsay Pass and Crown Range Road.


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