How to clean your pantry (and its contents).

Fair warning, epidemics: Canned goods are not always good. My mother recently woke up in the middle of the night to an explosion and discovered a bloody pantry massacre. The victim-offender? Cracked cans of expired tomatoes. This should serve as a timely reminder to clean the store closet in the spring.

Throughout the epidemic, we are all opening more pantry doors than usual., Limiting shopping trips and relying on pantry staples.

But what about the open packets and random forms of pasta that were seized from the shelves of looted supermarkets in 2020? We have found you

Dry dry drag is easier said than done. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for blended cereals, alternative flours and other non-pantry items.

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Pasta La Vista

Throw a handful of these random shapes into a kitchen sink soup pot, have a nice ring of menstron-resoni-mensteron, or make it like Neil Perry and give the pasta a risotto treatment like rice.

Smaller shapes form the basis of it. Chicken One Pot Wonder with Harisa. And olives, or use them in retro pasta with tuna and panko bread crumbs.

Any small pasta works in this Harisa chicken dish.

Katrina Mannik

Any small pasta works in this Harisa chicken dish.

Attitude to do

In my grandfather’s words, Be Tiny: Here are some cheap and pleasant ideas with canned gram, tomato, tuna, anchovies and coconut milk or cream.

Use your noodles.

Haitian Mac Can Exchange cacio e pepe for miso e pepe in these udon noodles Use instant ramen noodles with seasonal asparagus, or Karen Martini’s curry noodles, which also use some curry powder.

And besides making these retro chocolate spiders, what about this random packet of crispy fried noodles? Use them as a crunchy garnish on top of pork and saliva rubbed with this new spice.

Haiti McCain's Miso e Pepe Odin Noodles.

William Mapim.

Haiti McCain’s Miso e Pepe Odin Noodles.

Lentils and lentils in anything.

This charming sausage and lentil stew wrapped in fallen halwa uses French-style green lentils (as well as toasted tomatoes and stock).

Or raid the spiced portion for the red lentils affected by this butter chicken and empty one or two coconut milk, toasted tomatoes and some stock.

Split peas aren’t just for peas and ham soup, whip them in a can (it’s great with barbecue snacks).

And any packet of soup enhances this hot spicy vegetarian Sri Lankan soup – just soak a cup of pulses and grains overnight.

Supi Lemon Chicken and Orzo.

Katrina Mannik

Supi Lemon Chicken and Orzo.

Take stock of stock piles.

With the surprise of this one pot, use some tetra pack stock, and rice and gram. There are a number of soup-based soups – can we recommend this chicken, lemon and supermarket leftover pasta soup? Or soupy lemon soup with chicken and spinach? Both make shapes of low-choice and low-priced pasta.

Helen Goh flour rice, pecan and maple granola.

William Mapim.

Helen Goh flour rice, pecan and maple granola.

The fruit of your labor.

Convert dried fruits, nuts and seeds to muesli or granola. Or MYO muesli bars with Alice Zaslavsky’s “myoesli” badge bars. Eat breakfast with chalk-banana breakfast cakes with cakes that include rolled oats and pumpkin seeds or trail mix remnants

Helen Goh’s oats and spelled biscuits are full of fruit and seeds. Its seven moldable crackers are perfect for dips, cheese platters and future picnics.

These salted spicy almonds, macadamia and sesame seeds can be sprinkled on top of soup or added to sushi hand roll filling.

Think twice about rice.

If there is only one cup left, make fried rice (cook the grains the day before for best results).

Toast and crush dried jasmine rice for Laos-style larvae with roasted rice (pictured)

More exotic grains such as wild, red or black rice can be used as a filling for pumpkins.

Did you make big plans for cooking sushi rice for the handloom and later hanging small grains in the cupboard? Adam Liao’s Kamengi semen gives redox rice a yellow ash treatment instead.

Buckwheat Carrot Cake with Buckwheat Praline.

William Mapim.

Buckwheat Carrot Cake with Buckwheat Praline.

Grain duct.

Persian rice is mixed with biryani. At night, kebabs are found in this lamb meatballs and Katrina Mannik cooks torn falafel trays (this is a 1: 1: 1 ratio of brown rice, pearl barley and whole fries).

Or use 2 cups of mixed cereal as a filling for this vegetable pumpkin Wellington

This gluten-free mixed cereal lentils includes quinoa, yellow and green peas, buckwheat and amaranth, and a spice drawer.

Speaking of buckwheat, Dana becomes a tasty salad for Karen Martini’s roasted broccoli and spring onion salad, or fry them with smoked paprika to thrive in rich and creamy soups. This gluten-free carrot cake uses noodle flour and grass as a garnish.

Millet meets Nikos in this cousin. Salad And as far as the cousin himself is concerned, why not fry it in a pan and serve it with Harisa.

Sprinkle with semolina or polenta to add a pleasant sauce to the gelatine or sweet pie crust. This simple lemon cake includes almond meal and semolina. This polanta cake is even easier, topped with strawberries, or this gluten-free pineapple cake leads to the tropics.

Or make polenta chips (cook the polenta in stock for extra flavor, to win, and let it solidify in the fridge before you cut it into jingle fingers).

Out of rolled oats? Start the day with quinoa porridge. Add a handful of chicken soup, stir your standard quinoa salad with spicy cabbage, wild rice and black lentils, or mix it with basmati to make a base of lamb and quinoa biryani in a bowl of Adam Liao. Think outside the home lunch box with these lovely quinoa tots.

Substitute any alternative flour drag you have for this pear and fennel slab cake, the financier-style batter is very forgiving – a nutty undertone thing works well.

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