Lockdown with Gemma McCabe Q&A: Family time, exercise and Nespresso coffee.

With a young family, Gemma likes to slow down and enjoy the time with them during the lockdown.

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With a young family, Gemma likes to slow down and enjoy the time with them during the lockdown.

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Despite the lockdown challenges, the new mom is enjoying standard family time.

Outside lover Jima McCau is living in lockdown with her family in Christchurch.

The womans Wellness columnist explains how. She is having a great time with her husband Richie. And their tots, Charlotte, 2, and. Three-month-old baby Grace.

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What do you like about lockdown?

As a young family, I like to be lazy and enjoy the time with them. It’s a good idea not to rush into a busy and busy schedule.

What do you hate about lockdown?

Don’t choose the things you used to do!

Favorite lockdown food or drink?

Definitely my morning Nespresso coffee!

Best lockdown practice?

Walking / biking with kids for family exercise and riding a bike for me (in the garage) or home exercise (online) for me!

Which podcast would you recommend?

Of opera Super Spirit Sunday..

What are you reading?

Loud girl By Abidar

what are you looking at?

I don’t usually watch TV series so I don’t have much clue what is good or not, but a friend at my book club suggested I watch 9 The Perfect Stranger, And Firefly lane Like the books I read and enjoyed!

Have you knocked your lockdown off the to-do list?

Not as much as we would like. We had planned a big list but felt quick with two little kids, this is a great time to enjoy them and lower your expectations!

What is the point of lockdown clothing that you can’t live without?

Running shoes!

The first thing you will do in level 2?

Walk into the hills with grace in the front pack! And go to our favorite cafe for lunch.

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