Lorde released his first T-Rio Maori album.

Lorde has released a five-track EP on T-Rio Maori, which includes his successful films. solar energy Album.

EP, titled. Come on, Mirama., Cooperation between Sir Timothy Crito, Dam Hanoi Mohi., Hannah Merera and Hemi Kelly.

Translated for five songs. Come on, Mirama. Are solar energy, The way, Nail salon was stoned., Marine feeling, And Fallen fruit.

They have been released. Come on, Mirama., Your, Mata Kohor, Heath Ledger, And The wind.

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Lorde shared the EP on Thursday afternoon.

Lorde has released an EP in Rio Maori.

Avon Augustine / AP

Lorde has released an EP at TEO Maori.

Title, Come on, Mirama. Translates as the world of light – the centerpiece of the story of Maori creation. It signifies understanding and knowledge and in that case it is certainly a play on the English title. solar energy.

Larde said his album focuses on the environment, adding that he considered it appropriate to translate the album into TEO, recognizing principles such as Katiyakitanga.

“A lot of things slowly came to me while I was making this album, but the key feeling so far has been that my natural system of caring for and listening to the natural world comes from traditional Maori principles.” I have a word for it: ketiketanga, which means ‘guardian or care of the heavens, the sea and the earth’.

“I am not Maori, but all New Zealanders grow up with elements of this worldview,” he said in a statement.

He said the proceeds from the EP would go to Forest and Bird, and Ti Hua Kawarki.

He released his first song, T Rio Maori.

Dame Henny Mohi produced Vita / Anthems, a pop hit album translated into T Rio Maori.

Simon Young

Dame Henny Mohi produced Vita / Anthems, a pop hit album translated into T Rio Maori.

Come on, Mirama. TVWiki was released before the launch of Rio Maori, at a time when many New Zealand musicians plan to release albums and singles at the rally. As part of White / hymns CampaignMusicians such as Stan Walker, Chi Fu and Six 60 have released new tracks on TV over the past week.

But Larde’s global reach inevitably means that his new Vita is far removed from other New Zealand musicians.

Within the first hour of the EP going online, it was streamed more than 10 million times on Spotify.

In a statement, Larde said she feels responsible for recognizing Maori and its impact on her and its importance to Autorva.

“I know I’m a person who somehow represents New Zealand globally, and while making an album about where I’m from, it was important for me to say: it makes us That’s who we are here. It’s just a crazy beautiful language – I loved singing in it.

The EP fell that day. A new edition of Vogue US Issued, Featuring Lorde on the cover of October.

The singer has lived in the United States ever since. solar energy Released in August..

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