Macy’s University will continue its online education for the rest of the semester.

Macy's University's Palmerston North Campus will open next week, but most teaching will be online for the rest of the year.

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Macy’s University’s Palmerston North Campus will open next week, but most teaching will be online for the rest of the year.

Because of Covid 19, most teaching at Macy’s University will be online for the rest of the year.

University campuses in Palmerston North and Wellington reopen Monday, with most of the country now on Alert Level 2, although its Auckland campus is still closed and the city is at Level 4.

Teaching and learning will be “mostly” online for the rest of the semester, said Terry McGongle Daily, Macy’s Deputy Vice Chancellor for Students and Global Engagement.

“With different alert levels and uncertainties with New Zealand about how long it can last and the likelihood of fluctuations in the alert level, our students told us they want to be sure that the rest How to learn for semester two. “

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It was agreed that Macy would continue to learn online wherever possible.

There will be exceptions if teaching is required in person.

“Staff are working to identify which courses may need to be taught in person for the remaining semester two.

“Course coordinators will keep in touch with students if their course requires any personal education by the end of this week.”

Physical distance should be maintained if a personal tutoring is required and wearing a mask is recommended. If distance is not an option, it is important to wear a mask.

QR codes for scanning are around campus and people have to record their movements on campus.

Facilities such as libraries, labs and student services are open with health and safety measures.

Staff and students are encouraged to wear masks for all activities where physical distance cannot be maintained.

Public areas must cover the face, including libraries, cafes and food services, except for food, and public transport.

Students and staff must scan QR codes or manually in buildings.

Staff and students should keep a distance of 2 meters in public places and 1 meter in the workplace or in private teaching.

Due to the disruption, Macy’s teaching teams have reduced the number of exams as much as possible.

“Many of the studies have been redesigned as assignments or moved to class tests,” said McGongle Daily.

“However, there are still some reviews that require arrangements like exams and they will be done online.”

Most courses have a minimum grade and suspension of essential diagnostic items.

“Any assessment will not be mandatory unless it is specifically required by a professional body and in any assessment students will not be required to obtain a minimum score to obtain a passing grade in the course. “

More information can be found on Macy’s website. Exams and assessments Or Consider poor performance.

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