Middlemore Hospital: 36 patients and some visitors possibly exhibiting coyote.

Thirty-six patients and some visitors at Middlemore Hospital are likely to face the latest case of Covid 19.

Middlemore Hospital.

Image: RNZ / Claire Eastham Ferley

Woman Went to the emergency department yesterday morning. With an issue unrelated to Cowid, he said he had no exposure to the virus, no symptoms, and was not in a position of interest.

He spent time in the Emergency Department and Adult Short Stay Ward before deciding to go home, but later tested positive for Covid 19 at the hospital. The woman is now in administrative isolation.

Dr. Peter Watson, chief medical officer at Middlemore Hospital, said. Morning report. The man spent two hours in hospital.

A small number of 36 patients and visitors may have been exposed, he said.

“We are contacting them all and they will have to go in isolation and be followed.”

Most were discharged from Auckland Regional Public Health and were being followed at home, with 17 hospitalized and in solitary confinement.

“Fortunately, being an emergency department, everyone was wearing proper PPE and proper masks so no staff had to stand up.”

He said that more than 200 people come to his busy emergency department in a day in the hospital so he is vigilant and a broom was given in this case even though it was not identified by the screening.

“The other thing though it’s really shouting is that South Auckland needs everyone who has probably been in a place of interest, with any contacts, or any symptoms to make sure you Get a broom. “

Last weekend, Middle Moore’s staff stood down and isolated and tested patients when a coyote-infected man spent a day in the ward.

Preliminary tests of 149 people, including 29 staff, have been negative..

The patient only reported abdominal pain, and was later added to a symptom checklist for which staff screened.


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