New Zealand is particularly absent from the list of the world’s best cities.

Opinion: Something went wrong. TimeoutOf List of the best cities in the world This year – no New Zealand city mentioned.

San Francisco, which tops the list, is a great city and all. Such as Amsterdam, Manchester, Copenhagen and New York, which made it into the top five. But would you like to live in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Europe, where you are now infected? If you are a citizen then surely New Zealand cities – Auckland temporarily aside – are among the best places right now.

San Francisco Timeout topped the list of 37 best cities in the world in 2021.

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San Francisco Timeout topped the list of 37 best cities in the world in 2021.

New Zealand is fighting its own battle against the Delta variant, but it is relatively small globally. And despite some (jealousy?) Overseas commentators made fun of us for going to the lockdown that there was a new community case at the time, our strategy seems to be working. Again.

Prior to the current epidemic, New Zealand was set as a prime example of how to eradicate the virus. And, if Decline in new matters Continued, a great example I believe we will be again. So why aren’t any of our beautiful, green, diverse, culturally and cleanly blessed cities on the list? Home prices in Auckland and Wellington may be ridiculous, but they are even higher in San Francisco. Silicon Valley Sets had long ago sent prices to Strasphere.

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as usual, Timeout People in cities around the world decide which ones are the “best.” This year, 27,000 people participated. Time out indexClassify their cities on their food and drink landscapes, art, culture and museums; Nightlife and community spirit

Amsterdam, dubbed the second best city, was said to be 'green in everything'.

Elliott NJK / Gene Post.

Amsterdam, dubbed the second best city, was said to be ‘green in everything’.

Participants were also asked to choose positive terms in their city, such as “fun”, “friendly”, “diverse”, “dynamic”, “interesting”, “beautiful”, “creative”, “modern”, “Accepting”, “Progressive”, and “Ambitious”. They were also asked to rate their cities as “boring”, “expensive”, “painful”, “dirty”, “unequal”, “stressful”, “dangerous”, “overcrowded” and other negative. Find the narrator.

Wanting to know how cities “stepped up” during epidemics, the London-based media group also asked about community projects, green spaces and sustainability.

“We were behind cities that were thinking not only now but also about the future. People who make life better for us and our grandchildren.

The final list of 37 cities was based on both poll results and “insights.” Timeout Editors and “experts” around the world. New Zealand’s so-called Kiwis may not participate in the referendum and this may result in reality. Timeout Not the New Zealand Division.

Timeout surveyors, editors and partners did not receive the message that you 'can't beat Wellington on a good day'.

Timeout surveyors, editors and partners did not receive the message that you ‘can’t beat Wellington on a good day’.

San Francisco, which has the lowest mortality rate of any major American city since Cove 19, has been praised for its progressive politics, inclusion, sustainability, and community spirit.

“(B) Users have become creative so that they keep going, while innovative measures such as SF New Deal. Have restaurant staff prepare food for the needy. “Clara Hogan Time out San Francisco. Said. “Neighbors stepped in to take care of each other through remote mutual aid networks, and one genius even thought of starting sour from the trees to fuel all the baking people.”

It’s really smart to start picking from the trees, and Hogan estimates that San Francisco’s “beautifully crafted parklets that now make the city feel like a big street party” make it attractive. Although not so much in the midst of the coveted spread.

I lived in San Francisco for a year before returning to Auckland, and I had to admit that whenever it is named, I usually see a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge shrouded in fog.

The city certainly has its problems, including an unusual rate of homelessness, but this is a great place if you have at least some disposable income. The sun appears regularly throughout the year. Diversity is celebrated in a variety of forms. In the form of street parties, exhibitions, festivals and live music, there is mostly free entertainment on weekends. The food is great (especially if you’re a fan of gourmet burgers, healthy fare and authentic Mexican food) and a clear positive atmosphere (probably due to all the over-the-top financially successful tech types in town).

But New Zealand’s cities have also stepped up during epidemics, and the argument is the same – if not more – compared to those on the list.

Christchurch’s response to the mosque attacks highlighted that it is a comprehensive city, and its continued recovery after the earthquake reflects its invincible innovation and creativity. Riverside Market, Little High and The Welder’s choice are at the forefront of international urban dining trends, while rooftop echoing The Pink Lady and Mr. Brightside rooftop bar are among the latest examples of her after-hours joy. Are

Timeout Praises San Francisco’s parks, but Christchurch Adventure Park races them for its money with its chairlift (New Zealand’s longest) and zip line (New Zealand’s tallest). And every city can do the same with Poona Timwana as a resort-style brackish water pool complex.

The constant restoration of Christchurch certainly qualifies it for a place in any of the 'best cities'.

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The constant restoration of Christchurch certainly qualifies it for a place in any of the ‘best cities’.

Home to more than 1,200 parks and gardens, Garden City should also be praised for its green spaces, while ‘Let’s make Christchurch a national park city’ campaign. Proof of its long-term focus on environmental sustainability.

The world’s coolest little capital, meanwhile, is magnificently located on a range of harbors where dolphin and orcas views are not uncommon, and its beautiful Victorian homes give it the atmosphere of San Francisco.

Its infamous foggy weather makes it suitable for year-round El Fresco dining, which is why the city of California is praised, but Wellington is also famously proud. More cafes, bars and restaurants per person than New York..

The quality of the food on offer is second to none, even if you are counting your money. As Travel luggage Senior reporter Seoban Downs pointed out in one. Public love letterYou’ll find a bean-to-bar chocolate factory, a window-selling point butter, a cafe that sells the best browns, and a hole in the wall that’s just knocking authentic Neapolitan pizza on Hunnaz Laneway.

Brooke Sabine

Beyond Melbourne, Wellington has a food street that is probably the most delicious in the world.

Coffee and locally made craft beers are almost always wonderful, and there are plenty of museums, galleries and theaters. The green spaces come with panoramic harbor views, and in the case of Eco Sanctuary Zealand, it provides a rare glimpse of New Zealand as before. Timeout Amsterdam’s Wendellpark has been described as “a huge oasis in the center that hosts everything from jam sessions to theater games”, but the same can be said of Wellington Botanic Gardens. And the added bonus of being able to reach it by cable car.

The capital is also not doing too badly on the stability front. Wellington was named finalist. Keep the 2021 New Zealand beautiful awards.Designed to recognize those who are at the forefront of sustainability, the judges praised the city’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions, more for pedestrians and cyclists, and public transport and car share schemes. Has been promoted.

And then there’s Auckland, named after him. The most livable city in the world The recent Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) survey of 140 cities around the world found that New Zealand’s success in eliminating CoV 19 was the key to the City of Sales’ high positioning position (the list was published before the current epidemic), but it Auckland is not doing everything.

Just look at its twin ports with their desert islands, bird sanctuaries and southern European “wine islands” with their volcanoes that double as an outdoor gym with a panoramic viewpoint. Its black And White sand beaches pass through its extensive network of Hanoa and sub-tropical native shrubs of Vitakere. What other city in the world can claim all this?

As much as I love Manchester, I can't see how it compares to Auckland.

Brooke Sabine / Things.

As much as I love Manchester, I can’t see how it compares to Auckland.

Auckland has been described as “the hometown of endangered, lonely tech billionaires and young talent for proximity to outdoor adventures”. Another recent ‘Best Cities in the World’ ranking., Which I believe was a compliment.

The city has scored particularly well for its parks, outdoor activities and diversity, according to a report by Echo Consultancy. “As far as visitors and residents are concerned, Auckland has natural law.

The name of the questioner is also given. One of the most diverse cities in the world. And, while it has less per capita food than Wellington, quality options are the same for big spenders and bargain hunters. Mr. Morris, Sudart, Depot, Cassia, Kazador, Ahi and Pint-sized, plant-based pastures are among the many restaurants that truly deserve world-class. Meanwhile, Mr. Howe’s Spicy Chicken Wings, Go Daddy Thai Canteen’s Caramelized Pork Hawk, and No. 1 Pancake Potato and Cheese Pancakes will take you to Paradise for less than ڈالر 30 each.

Morale may not be particularly high in New Zealand’s largest city as the Level 4 lockdown is worn, but it has “some tight flexibility”. Timeout New York is praised.

“Thanks in large part to this pragmatic approach, he has come up with creative solutions to change health precautions, and now the streets are buzzing again,” said Will Gleason. Time out New York. Said. With new Cowed 19 cases falling in Auckland, I hope we can say the same about the Sale of the City soon.

Many of New Zealand’s smaller cities are also strong contenders for any “best cities” list. Hip Ann Hamilton, superbly comfortable gasbourne and amazing diners are just a few examples. Sadly, their small population makes it very difficult for them to build. TimeoutThe annual list and ranking of other best cities is limited to the world’s largest cities. Silver layer for small towns: they are relatively well-kept secrets.

The result of all this is that in my absolute subjective opinion, Timeout Didn’t New Zealand include any of our cities? Even with the current epidemic, I’m sure many people will agree that Autorva is a world-class place.

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