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From fashion to music, we hope everything in the weekly Ensemble Edit Tips ‘Cool’ makes you smile on the weekends.

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What are we hearing?

We like a good podcast, including recent listening. what’s wrong with you?, Vogue’s new podcast. Exploring the fashion and pop culture of the 2000s, and Angela Druid’s recent presentation. Love, rock bottom and other victories. The local comedian is one of our favorites, with his unique Deadness humor (and great style), and it’s a pleasure to hear his wildlife stories (running away from home, jail, exile, finding himself in humor) ۔

Two become one

We love the local menswear brand and shop Czech Downtown as much as we love the Auckland Restaurant Gocho milk. Which is one Very. Their intelligent collaboration was teased on Instagram before the launch. T-shirts are now available for purchase in small size for ذریعے 70 via XXL, and will be posted as soon as it is safe to do so. Some tell us that the stock will not move until the level 2 hits Auckland. We have already placed our order (via InstaDM, as requested) to be safe.

Gucci and Check Down Town Pepper.


Gucci and Check Down Town Pepper.

In other trade news …

The New York-based Metropolitan Museum is already doing well in business, but is partnering with it. Vogue And Instagram will release a limited edition monthly collection of fashion designers including Off White, Christopher John Rogers, Pierre Moss and Colina Strada (the brand that Lord dressed in yellow. solar energy video). As it is 2021 and we live in the world of social media, each collection will be reflected in the virtual shopping experience on Instagram Live. Available for later purchase through Museum’s online store.

The news comes ahead of next week’s glamorous Matt Gala in New York.Read more about all the details and gossip.), With the theme. In America: A Dictionary of Fashion. As a guest, expect to see the red carpet with grace. Vogue Editor and gala host Anna Ventur, behind it. Vogue The cover was revealed this week..

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Hit play.

We think RNZ Music 101 host Charlotte Ryan has an impeccable taste in music, so in light of leaving home this weekend, we tapped her to create a playlist specifically for us. Great for a late afternoon or evening drink, these four-hour “new and old wonderful songs make you feel good.” Who doesn’t want energy on Friday?

Attention horse girls

The Garage Project’s latest release, Infinite Spirits, has a matte sweet and sour double IPA of 7% – but to be perfectly honest, when we saw the dreamy, shiny design with Crystal Space Horses, we Were surprised Wellington-based winemakers are known for their creative artwork that decorates many of their boxes, working with a variety of artists – this is the Vita Workshop artist’s Rebecca Tish.

Bottom up

You may have lost a very important part of the service journalism that Ensemble published last week: Nine genes, blind tests and ratings.. We ended up branding the selection of jinn, lower than height, cheaper than expensive, and put them to the test with input from janitors including comedian Eli Mathewson and poet Courtney Cena Meredith. The top-ranked gin was a surprise, but we highly recommend it for your weekend (no matter how alert you are) – including Hastings Distillers and Island Jin based local artisan Jin, based on the Great Barrier Island. Are

Let’s cool

From Ponsby Wagon Cafe to Food Bag-Ore Delivery, Little Bird Pivot is impressive and delicious. It’s just like Techways which is only available on Level 4 (and with nationwide shipping)! We liked them. Curry PackWe make veg korma (we added chicken, sheh), lentils, papadum, raita, salad and dosa flour to make delicious light sour fermented pancakes. Delightful night’s happiness Next we’re looking at their brunch box …

DIY beauty

Whether you’re getting out safely this weekend or still at home and dreaming of getting dressed, get some inspiration from our Ensemble DIY beauty videos.

Auckland-based make-up artist Kiki Steiners has worked with every major fashion designer, photographer, magazine and celebrity in Auterwa, and worked backstage at Fashion Week from Paris to New York, leading to Catwalk and its Beauty has been brought beyond. She shows us how to make the ultimate red lip – it’s a little fun, a little playful, and very beautiful.

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