The 39-year-old man with a criminal history promises the judge that he was convicted.

Jeffrey Lyle Howe says he doesn't want to go to Palmerston North District Court again.


Jeffrey Lyle Howe says he doesn’t want to go to Palmerston North District Court again.

A man who has spent his entire life in and out of the justice system says his latest group of crimes, including killing his long-term partner, is the last part of it.

Jeffrey Lyle Howe gave the oath to Judge Lance Roy in Palmerston North District Court on Thursday.

Howe was sentenced to 14 months in prison for two counts of assault on his partner, stealing goods from a parked car, and using a stolen credit card.

The first attack took place when the couple was in a car in Palmerston North on March 6.

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An argument led to him being punched in the upper right eye, in the jaw, on his right leg and on his right arm.

The second attack took place on June 18, despite Howe’s guarantee that he would not be associated with his partner.

He went to the property on which he was, took him out, put him in a car and attacked him.

Defense attorney Mike Ryan said pre-conviction reports described Howe, 53, as at high risk of re-defending and harming others.

The judge said Howe’s life was a harrowing one that the court often saw: child abuse, state custody, disconnection and self-destructive living.

In a letter to the court, Howe wrote about his interest in Tekanga and reconnecting with his Wakapa.

The judge said he was not an expert, but Tukanga was involved. Manakitinga And kaitiakitanga.

“If you live up to these values, you will not come back here.”

The judge said letters to the court often lacked Hawaii’s insight.

The judge said Howe’s colleague’s affected statement referred to the emotional and psychological damage caused by the attacks, with one of them expressing happiness in front of his son.

She was worried about how the relationship would turn out.

The judge said the attack was a breach of trust because she deserved to feel safe.

“It was your responsibility to protect it.”

The prison sentence could have been longer, but the judge said he wanted Hawe to be given a chance to put his case into practice as soon as possible.

“You’ve been in court for 39 years. It’s time to settle it.

“I hope this is the last time we saw you.”

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