The Auckland property developer revealed the man who attacked the champagne flute.

Judge David Sharp declined to comment last month.

Ricky Wilson / Things.

Judge David Sharp declined to comment last month.

A man who Denies any other injuries. With the champagne flute in Auckland’s West Meyer can now be named as the city’s property developer, and says he regrets being involved in the incident.

Andrew Lowry Montgomery, 53, lost his interim name last month but was given time to appeal by Judge David Sharp.

On Tuesday, Montgomery’s lawyer, Harrison Smith, said no further appeal would be filed in court, and on Thursday it was confirmed that the pressure was over.

Montgomery has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Montgomery’s case have been made more than once.

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* One man has pleaded not guilty to injuring another after an incident in Westmeier, Auckland.

In a statement provided to Equipment Through his lawyer, Montgomery said the only reason for his anonymity was circulating “false and misleading information” about the incident.

“While I was involved in the incident, I had no intention of attacking, let alone hurt anyone.”

Montgomery said he did not attack.

“While I’m sorry he was injured, I’m not sure my behavior was criminal in the face of all the circumstances,” said Montgomery.

“… I have nothing left but to defend the allegations so that the full context of what actually happened can be known and investigated.”

In a statement, Montgomery claimed that the incident was “not as shocking or interesting as some would like it to be.”

“I think I can say all this because the matter is before the court and I must respect what I do.”

Montgomery will stand trial in July next year and has been remanded on bail.

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