The Gore Council will discuss the cost of building a new library.

The Gore District Council has not yet released the final plans for its new library, following the unveiling of the conceptual plans in December.

Stephen Perry, the council’s chief executive, said preparations were well under way for the James Cumming Wing and that the plan was exactly what was presented to the community late last year.

We are awaiting an updated budget from the Project Quantity Surveyor and tenders are being submitted to Signal Management. Until we get the latest budget and tenders, it will be too early to release the final plan.

At this stage, we expect a report on tenders and cost estimates to be presented at the Council meeting in early September. However, this timeline may be affected by the current Alert Level 4 COVID-19 lockdown and may be extended.

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Any discussion will be in the committee for commercial reasons. If the tenders are approved at the September meeting, the council expects renovations to begin in October.

In July 2020, the council received ڈالر 3 million in shovel-ready funding from the government for redevelopment.

Gore District Library. Transferred to James Cumming Wing. After 2019 Asbestos and black mold were found inside the building., And it was moved to the church building in early 2021 to allow work to begin again.

In 2020, it was decided to redevelop the James Cumming Wing to house the library and some community rooms. Unveiled conceptual plans in December. At the time, the council said the cost of the building had risen from 5 5 million to 6. 6.82 million, and the council needed to borrow 32 1.32 million to complete it.

The council already has 10 1 million from infant formula formula producer Matura Valley Milk for the project.

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