The Women’s America Cup was founded on a new boat.

The new AC40 team will be similar to New Zealand's Test wrestling Te Kahu, which was crucial in their defense of the USA Cup.

Emirates team New Zealand

The new AC40 team will be similar to New Zealand’s Test wrestling Te Kahu, which was crucial in their defense of the USA Cup.

The New Zealand team has confirmed a path for women in the US Cup using a new 40 million goal monohole.

The boat will also be used for the Youth America Cup, and the syndicates can use it as a test platform for their new full-size AC75s to travel to the next edition of Yachting’s premier event.

A design boat will carry four sailors – two on each side – and will be used in the early America’s Cup warm-up regatta.

It is hoped that private owners will also be able to use the AC40 design to develop a class on its own. The design, which is now being worked on, includes an automated pilot for sheet trimming.

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The wrestling team resembles New Zealand’s impressive Test Boat T Kahu, which was an integral part of their development in the successful defense of the Old Mug this year.

The team continues New Zealand’s reputation for innovation and technology and is at the forefront of thwarting hydrogen-powered chase boats, the first of which is in Auckland.

Teams participating in the next USA Cup should field women’s and youth teams, although they will likely come through their backing yacht clubs.

Emirates team New Zealand.

Art World Champion Josh Jr. on the development process of USA Cup holders.

The USA Cup for Women and Youth will be open to clubs outside of the Challenging Syndicates, with a large fleet expected in both categories.

The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, backed by Team New Zealand, and the Royal Yacht Squadron, backed by the UK record team UK Challenger, confirmed the move on Friday before the launch of the US Cup protocol plan on November 17. Which will provide complete rules. And the details of the next regatta.

Teams will need to buy at least one boat, although some may value buying two for match racing training.

“We think it’s great, and we have a great base fleet that will travel very fast once the boats are built,” said Grant Dalton, CEO of Team New Zealand. EquipmentIt is hoped that production can be handled in New Zealand’s shipbuilding industry, led by the syndicate in its world-class courtyard.

“They’re going to be incredibly fast. Our test boot was incredibly fast. It wasn’t as fast as the AC75, but it wasn’t much different. It’s just a ratio of power, but its speed is the same. Will be.

“We want to make it a multipurpose boat. It has the potential to reach Wednesday night’s race.

Team New Zealand and their supporting club believe that the AC40 will be an ideal route for women in the USA Cup.

He sees the boat as a huge development on the nine-meter filing monoholes that were developed for the last USA Cup but never participated in because the New Zealand government does not allow MIQs to overseas teams. This event was canceled after giving.

RNZYS Commodore Aaron Young said, “Building roads and contributing to women, youth and emerging nations is something that has been a priority since winning in 2017. And 20 entries exemplify this. , We won our Mixed Staff Youth America Cup, which was originally planned for 2021 before Cove 19.

“The AC40 is now being announced as an exciting class that AC teams will use to test and develop their scale, train match races, beginner regatta and then women’s and youth competitions.”

The concept is backed by the record team UK Challenger.

Team New Zealand's T Kahu had some lively moments while training in Auckland.

Emirates team New Zealand

Team New Zealand’s T Kahu had some lively moments while training in Auckland.

“The USA Cup has a key role to play in increasing the accessibility and participation of all captains in sailing,” said Sir Ben Ansley. Enables diversity and inclusion.

“We look forward to building a path in the UK that will support both underwater and outdoor programs, give our athletes a chance to compete and help bridge the gap in professional wrestling. “

This is the beginning of a big week for the USA Cup. Team New Zealand and the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron will announce the hosting of the next USA Cup on September 17.

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