There is a speed limit of 30 km on the south coast of Wellington.

A 30-kilometer speed limit has been temporarily imposed on the south coast of Wellington as people gathered in the area have felt a near shortage.

30km / h stock photo.

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Wellington City Council says pedestrians and cyclists in the area have seen an increase in exercise along the coast since the lockdown began.

The same speed limit was imposed at the beginning of Alert Level 4 last year.

Council Transport and Infrastructure Manager Brad Singh said there are some recent memories.

“We have reports that people are stepping on the road – sometimes without noticing – which is clearly dangerous behavior. This is one of the main reasons why we are reducing the speed limit,” he said. ۔ “

Speed ​​reduction is allowed under the Land Transport Act, where councils are able to set emergency speed limits if an emergency puts anyone at risk that affects the use of any road.

The ban will remain in place until the city returns to Alert Level 1.


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