Unstable weather over the first weekend at Alert Level 2.

With the first Alert level 2. The Met Service says it is expected to be closer and closer to Auckland by the end of the week than expected.

Everywhere outside Auckland. Move out of lockdown On Wednesdays, it allows people to meet friends and family outside of their bubble. go shopping For the first time in weeks, say no to the supermarket.

But despite the extra freedom next weekend, the weather doesn’t look likely to spark celebrations.

Warning of heavy rain continues on the west coast on Friday.

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Warning of heavy rain continues on the west coast on Friday.

“It’s going to be very upsetting again,” said Eden Paiselman, a Met Source forecaster, over the weekend’s forecast for the entire South Island.

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With rain already forecast for the West Coast on Friday, Paisalman said the coast could expect more from Sunday.

However, Saturday was not going to be wet. “Saturday is better than Sunday if you had to choose a day,” he said.

Rain is not expected in the east of the southern island, but Saturday’s temperature will be only 12 degrees Celsius.

On Sunday, temperatures on the east coast will reach about 17 to 18 degrees Celsius with northwesterly winds, Paisalman said.

The Met Service issued a warning for unstable weather across the country on Thursday afternoon from Sunday to early next week.

Up to 160 mm of rain is expected in some parts of the west coast.

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Up to 160 mm of rain is expected in some parts of the west coast.

Heavy storms and torrential rains are expected in some parts of the country, especially on the west coast, late Thursday and Friday.

A front that advanced toward the southern island on Thursday was expected to bring northwest storms and torrential rains to western areas, including Otago and Canterbury headwaters.

A spokesman said severe northwest storms were expected in many exposed parts of the southern island, especially in the east, where damaging gusts were possible over Canterbury High Country on Thursday night and Friday morning.

Severe northwest storms were also expected over the central and lower northern islands.

MetService issued a heavy southern alert from Jackson Bay to Karmia on Thursday.

Strong wind warnings continue for Virapa and Canterbury.

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Strong wind warnings continue for Virapa and Canterbury.

Dangerous coastal conditions were expected and extra precautions were recommended around the coast.

The Metland has forecast 120mm and 160mm of rain in the Westland, south of Otera, between 10 a.m. Thursday and 11 a.m. Friday.

Strong wind warnings were maintained in Canterbury, Southland, Otago, Marlborough, Wellington and Virarpa areas, with winds expected to be between 120km / h and 140km / h on Friday.

Strong winds can damage trees, power lines and unsafe structures. A spokesman said driving could be dangerous, especially for high-speed vehicles and motorcycles.

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