Wearing a mask is a new routine when parents return to their school dropout routine.

When parents return to school drop-off and pick-up routines, Most seem to follow the new rules for wearing Level 2 masks.

Most schools outside of Auckland reopened Thursday and Mask. “Abundant” encouragement in secondary schools, But only one option for young children.

Director General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield confirmed that while masks are recommended in classrooms, they will not be needed by teachers or students.

At Wellington College and St. Mark’s School on Thursday afternoon, most parents wore masks, although the majority of students were not at the school gates.

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“I think the problem is that children are consistent with what they wear and what they wear properly. We’re just relying on the government to keep lockouts and schools open, and so on.” Everyone is just taking a risk and doing their best.

Logan Lewis, a 15-year-old Wellington College student, said most students did not wear masks in class.

“I really don’t mind, I think it would be nice. [wearing masks] It was necessary, but I can understand that some people just don’t like to wear masks.

Pooja Rai was wearing a mask when he took off his son Ryan at Newlands Primary on Thursday morning.

“A lot of the parents I saw leaving their children were wearing masks and there has been a really clear discussion from the school about parents wearing masks.”

Roy said that since his son was in primary school, he did not have to wear a mask.

Melania Weber, president of the teaching union New Zealand Post Primary Teachers Association / TVWingroa (PPTA), said fear was inevitable with declining levels, and “there is nothing to stop people from wearing masks in schools.” “

Most schools were actively encouraging it, he said.

Pooja Rai walks her son Ryan to Newlands Primary School for his first day.

Jericho Rock Archer.

Pooja Rai walks her son Ryan to Newlands Primary School for his first day.

It was a “difficult place”, with some people worried that not everyone was wearing a mask, and others insisting they didn’t want to.

Happy Mandra left her two children at Newlands Primary and was careful to wear a mask.

“The school emailed us on Monday explaining the rules around masks. I think they communicated really well with us.”

Mandra said she is relieved to have her two children back at school, and is happy to be back in the classroom.

Mubarak Mandra with his two children Alon and Kevin on their way to Newlands Primary School.

Jericho Rock Archer.

Mubarak Mandra with his two children Alon and Kevin on their way to Newlands Primary School.

“I think they were losing their friends. It’s a good school and they were taking online classes during the lockdown.

Mandra said he feels confident of his sons dropping out of school, “keeps a close eye on the news” and encourages Covid 19’s affairs to be “flat”.

“We are still taking precautions in every way. I had a mild cough the other day, so I had a test and it came back negative.

But things were different for Aletia Toure, a Newlands College student who wore a mask to school.

“It’s highly recommended that students wear masks, but a lot of people weren’t wearing masks. I’m not angry, but I was careful about that.

Toure said all the teachers were wearing masks.

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