What would it mean for you to speak more Kiwi?

Assignment: In 2020, The New Zealanders made the biggest TV review event in history. More than 1 million people celebrated T.R. as our Maori language moment.

This year Te Wiki o te Reo Māori It starts on September 13th, and anyone can stop at 12pm on Tuesday, September 14th. Rio Maori for a moment.

We want to know what you will be doing to participate in 2021 and why it is important for you to speak more Kiwi.

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* One million people are expected to speak on TV or T-Rio Maori to celebrate.
* Why do we need wiki or te reo Māori?
* To help you with the podcast T Rio Maori.

Are you a new T-Rio Maori and jumping for the first time? Tell us why you are doing this now and how you will do it.

Will you sit down with your children and help them learn some basic things, such as NG Tau (number) and NGTA (color)? (PS: If you’re thinking about doing this, there are going to be some fun “Three Strikes” trivia tests next week that you can do with your kids. Dedicated quiz page..)

Maybe you intend to help others learn T-Rio Maori, and if so, what are more people about understanding and speaking T-Rio Maori that is so important to you?

Or maybe you have some great family stories or a history related to Maori that you would like to share?

T-Rio Maori runs from Saturday 13-19 September 2021.

Maori Language Commission

T-Rio Maori runs from Saturday 13-19 September 2021.

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Kia kaha te reo Māori!

Kia kaha hoki ngā iwi o Aotearoa!

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