19: Dr. Sioux Wiles warns of ‘misinformation’ after claims of being caught breaking lockdown rules

Dr. Sioux Wiles says the video is an attempt to discredit him.

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Dr. Sioux Wiles says the video is an attempt to discredit him.

Dr. Sioux Wiles Says a video of her on the beach with her bubble friend, circulating accusations that she is breaking. Level 4 PrinciplesIs “misinformation”.

The video shows Wiles and another woman cycling on an Auckland beach, sitting on the sand and friends talking before going into the water.

It was posted on blogs, including a run by Cam Slater. In the blog post, he is accused of meeting a “journalist” and talking without a veil.

Wells said. Equipment It was a “really clear case of misinformation” that was spread to discredit it and influence the country’s collective reaction to Covid 19.


Judith Collins commented on the Sioux Whales during the Zoom meeting.

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“Misinformation is defined when someone creates misleading information or misinformation to advance their agenda,” he said.

He said he spent the week dealing with fake information and making people aware of vaccine decisions.

“It’s clearly hard to find yourself at the center of it.”

Wiles said that on the day the video was filmed, he and his friend cycled to Judge’s Bay, about 5 kilometers from their home, and took off their masks to talk because the beach was “almost deserted.” “It was.

Wells paired the bubbles with a friend, as is allowed for people living alone under Level 4 rules.

Wells said the couple, who are also colleagues at the University of Auckland, go for regular bike rides.

In a ___ TweetWells said his friend broke the rules by going into the water. While acknowledging that she should have stopped him, she noted that “she is an old woman and I am not her mother.”

Director General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield asked questions about the video. Press conference on Friday at 1 p.m..

Asked if it is okay to cycle 5km from a house without a mask, he said yes.

“The prime minister has spoken before. If you stay away from other people and you are exercising harder, yes, that’s fine.”

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“People should not be distracted from the main goal of fighting cowardice,” said Dr. Seuxi Wiles.

National leader Judith Collins called Wells a “big fat hypocrite” in the video.

Wells was relieved, saying: “I get this comment every day, so this is nothing new.

“It was a kind of irony to embarrass the person who was exercising,” he said.

“It’s important that people don’t deviate from the main goal of fighting cowardice,” Wells said.

“Don’t get caught up in what people are trying to separate us from.”

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