A Southland police officer says fleeing drivers endanger the lives of others.

Police can seize the fleeing driver's car for 28 days. [File photo]

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Police can seize the fleeing driver’s car for 28 days. [File photo]

A police officer says Southland drivers fleeing the police are endangering other people’s lives.

Detective Senior Sgt. Greg Baird, Southland Area Investigation Manager, said the behavior must be stopped.

“It’s very dangerous and endangering people’s lives.”

Baird said Southland police were concerned about reckless driving, including examples of drivers who failed to stop at a signal.

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He said it was not necessary to prosecute the fleeing driver, especially when the fleeing driver or the young man in the car were involved.

However, the police can seize a vehicle for 28 days and require the registered owner to provide details of the passengers and drivers of the fleeing vehicles.

“Losing your license or having your car confiscated can affect your ability to work and provide for your family, so we are urging drivers to work safely and stop at police signals.” Go. “

A fleeing driver “puts himself, passengers, police and the public at risk of being injured or maimed,” Byrd said.

Southland Area Investigation Manager, Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Baird. [File photo]

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Southland Area Investigation Manager, Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Baird. [File photo]

Failure to stop the red and blue flashing lights can result in a 10,000 fine and dangerous or reckless driving can result in a $ 4,500 fine, 3 months imprisonment and 6 months mandatory disqualification.

Baird said police would exercise discretion and take appropriate action in situations that could be education, compliance or enforcement.

“Our message to all drivers is that we want you to make safe decisions when you are behind the wheel, so you will not play your part in killing or injuring anyone in an accident.”

“We want fewer people in our community to suffer the loss they love and care for.”

Police will prioritize safety over the immediate arrest of the fleeing driver, he said.

Instead, we will use other investigative techniques to identify the vehicle and driver, witnesses, officers’ knowledge and interrogation routes, so that they can be held accountable.

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