All black coaches are open to Ian Foster World 12s proposal.

All black coach Ian Foster is open to discuss the proposed World 12s competition.

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All black coach Ian Foster is open to discuss the proposed World 12s competition.

See Ian Foster’s logistical challenges. The controversial World 12 proposal has the backing of predecessor Steve Hansen. But he is not ready to close the door on “radical” new ideas.

The concept of World 12s has been the talk of rugby this week since it was launched by former RFU chief executive Ian Ritchie, along with Hansen, former New Zealand rugby chief Steve Tew and World Cup-winning Spring Box coach Jack White was one of his high profile lawyers.

Ritchie suggested that the competition could start in August-September next year, with the Rugby Championship, but Foster was open to further discussions on the project.

“It’s like everything in the game,” Foster said Friday. “Whenever a change is proposed, it often seems radical and far-fetched.

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“There are a lot of reasons that don’t seem appropriate. It definitely doesn’t fit the rugby championship from a timetable point of view.

“But, also, we would be foolish to close our minds about it.

“If it’s a new idea that could be good for the game, then it would be nice to move around the table to discuss so it can work.”

World 12s is targeting 192 players for eight franchises to play the game’s short format (30 minutes) in teams of six forwards and six backs, hoping to raise a maximum of 500 500 million over five years. Will go

Hansen said. Equipment He believed that rugby needed to undergo drastic changes to flourish, and that players would be drawn to the tournament because of the financial benefits and ability to play with other elite talent in the IPL-style format.

“I know they’ve ended the tournament in August-September, but it may not be the right time to play it,” Hansen said.

Immediately, if you’re from the Southern Hemisphere, you think it could affect the Rugby Championship and obviously we don’t want to, because you don’t get all the blacks, or South Africa and Australia. Will , And you don’t want to be in conflict, you want to work together.

Hansen has also denied claims that the tournament – which New Zealand Rugby and World Rugby are watching – will damage the game in Auterwa.

“No, I don’t think so. Most of the people who are leaving are going to be world class players playing super rugby and international rugby. Equipment

“There’s a lot of talk going on … it’s not about trying to fight the insurgency, it’s about trying to get something that suits everyone.”

Use of all calls. Damien McKenzie. And Patrick Teopoloto. For example, two players who are getting rid of the Japanese and will miss Super Rugby next year, Hansen said the World 12s could result in players standing still.

“If these two boys are selected in the 12s team, there will be enough money for them so that they do not go away, leave New Zealand, leave their family, leave their franchise. So, I think domestic sports. Also has benefits.

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