Coved 19 Briefing: Doomsday Support Second Round of Payments Announced.

The government has announced a second round of rehabilitation support payments for Cove 19.

Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson and Director-General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield are giving an update on the Cove 19 Delta outbreak.

See the update here:

This comes as the government reviews Auckland’s alert level setting – which is due on Monday.

There were There were 11 new community cases reported in New Zealand today..

Robertson said a second round of resumption of aid payments would open.

“This is a new payment because the payment of rehabilitation assistance was originally seen as a unilateral measure, but it is clear that the longer the restrictions at the alert level are in place, the more pressure it puts on businesses.” “

Applications will open on September 17 and will be available nationwide for one month of return to Level 1.

To qualify, companies face a reduction in revenue of at least 30% over seven days as a result of the current alert level and current eligibility.

The seven-day window is from September 8.

The government estimates that the new payment will cost about 4 4430 million.

Robertson says there will be two more payments after that, except for three weeks as long as the terms that trigger the payment still apply.

“The total amount of support is actually higher than the last time we were at Alert Level 4.”

“New Zealand’s economy was getting stronger when we entered the epidemic,” Robertson said.

Although last year’s boom was better than almost all economic forecasters and most forecasters expect it to be this time around, he did not say that epidemics are affecting businesses. Are not happening.

“The second payment of the wage subsidy scheme is open to businesses at the national level. Eligibility is not determined by the alert level for the area where the business is located, but as long as the reduction in income is due to the rest of New Zealand. Alert level 3 for a time or high alert level in Auckland. “

He said that if Auckland remained at level 3 or 4, it would be the third fortnight for wage subsidy payments for eligible businesses.

As of this morning, 404688 applications for wage subsidy have been approved during this period, with a total payment of approximately 1. 1.7 million.

Robertson said one of the things the cabinet consulted when deciding on changes to the alert level was the level of testing and encouraged Aucklanders to take the test this coming weekend.


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