Dom Valleyland Phil: Auckland Council rejects change to waste management plan

Campaigners fighting the proposed landfill in the Dome Valley say they have won a “good victory” today.

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Dome Valley
Image: Wireless / Luke MakePack.

Waste management’s request to change the plan for a landfill compound in the valley has been rejected by a unanimous decision of the commissioners appointed by the Auckland Council.

Fight the Tip executive member Michelle Carmichael said it was only “part of the battle” between the ongoing appeal process against the consent of the resource for the proposed landfill.

“This is a great victory in our ongoing fight to protect our environment and our waterways because it confirms that the concerns we have raised are important and valid,” he said.

But the group will “continue to focus on our appeal to the Environmental Court against the consent of the resources.”

Carmichael said she could also appeal the commissioner’s decision to change the waste management plan, but “they will now also be against the Auckland Council from which we expect to defend that decision.”

“This is a very positive first step … those reasons for rejection will provide us with strong arguments for our court’s appeal against the consent of the resources.”


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