Former airport security worker convicted of planting fake bomb reduced

Beloved maid during the trial in Dunedin District Court.

Always make blue / stuff.

Beloved maid during the trial in Dunedin District Court.

A former aviation security worker who planted a fraud bomb at the airport has failed to rescind his sentence, but he has managed to reduce his sentence.

Pritam Prakash Moeed, 32, was charged with carrying counterfeit explosives to a better security area after a device was found on the north bank of Dunedin Airport on March 17, 2019, a few days after the Christchurch terrorist attack. ۔

He was. A jury’s majority found him guilty. He was sentenced to three years in prison in Dunedin District Court in November.

His deeds. A serious breach of trust was represented when the country was “in mourning and mourning” after the terrorist attack.Judge Michael Crosby handed down the sentence in January.

“You did it in secret.”

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The maid left Dunedin District Court after the appearance.

Always make blue / stuff.

The maid left Dunedin District Court after the appearance.

The maid’s lawyer, Lane Anderson QC, took the case to the Court of Appeal, arguing that the jury’s decision was unreasonable and that justice had been done.

He appealed for a three-year prison sentence, saying it was clearly excessive.

In the case against the maid, the Crown Prince alleged that he gained access to a dangerous luggage storeroom at the airport, carrying a wire, a battery pack, a cell phone, a butane canister, a small gas cylinder and Get a lot of things, including green bubble wrap.

The maid collected the items in a fraudulent explosive device.

He also wrote a secret note:

An alpha

B birds

C. Crash

D Dunedin



Seychelles, a black laptop with the device, was later “discovered” near a small maid’s hut as it circled around the airport.

He not only raised the alarm with the airport, which drew a huge response, but also contacted several media outlets.

Main entrance to Dunedin Airport.  (File photo)

Always make blue / stuff.

Main entrance to Dunedin Airport. (File photo)

The Court of Appeal’s decision, issued Friday, agrees with Crown’s case that the maid collected the device and put it in a laptop bag in the hut.

Although the case relies on circumstantial evidence, including the movement of the maid’s swipe card, and a handwriting expert concludes that she wrote the confidential note, the Court of Appeal found that the allegations Has been proven.

However, Anderson was able to reduce the maid’s sentence to such an extent that he can now apply for house arrest.

He argued that the main purpose identified by the Crown Prince was the desire to highlight the deficit in aviation security, which the maid wanted to eliminate.

The maid’s purpose was “public sentiment,” and was not intended to spread terror.

The Court of Appeal noted that the maid had no intention of boarding the plane with the device, or even placing it around anyone.

While the maid was found guilty of taking something through the Security Enhanced Area (SEA), the purpose of the legislation was to prevent criminals from carrying equipment on airplanes.

In addition, the sentencing judge was more affected by the “vile” and “cruel” behavior in the wake of the Christchurch mosque attacks.

The starting point for the maid was clearly deemed excessive, and her sentence was overturned and she was sentenced to six months in prison.

The maid was allowed to apply for house arrest.

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