More than 550 vehicles diverted to Auckland’s borders in the last three days.

Police say they have checked more than 58,000 vehicles at Auckland’s borders in the past three days – and have turned around 554.

A police checkpoint in Mercer, near the Auckland border with Waiko.

A police checkpoint in Mercer, near the Auckland border with Waiko.
Image: RNZ / Nick Monroe

Auckland police say the number of people returning to checkpoints is less than one per cent of traffic.

The region’s borders are closed to unnecessary traffic but with the city at Level 4 lockdown and the rest at Auterwa Level 2.

Most of the vehicles turned back to the southern checkpoints.

Police say that since Level 4 was imposed more than three weeks ago, 57 people have been charged with a total of 61 crimes in Tamaki Makurao.

Most have been charged with failing to comply with the Code’s rules, failing to stop one and assaulting or threatening two police officers.

To date, police have received a total of 7,158,105 online violation reports from the people of Tamaki Makurao.

About one-third are in business and 60 percent are in large-scale gatherings.

Commissioner of Police Andrew Coaster is urging Auckland to abide by the rules this weekend.

“We know sanctions can be difficult, but they are having an effect,” he said.

“People outside of Auckland, at level 2, need to make sure they follow the rules, and don’t go where they can and can’t do water activities,” he said.

A large area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAuckland is still on alert level 4, and thus recreational fishing and boating are banned.

“While these restrictions are in place, you should not be in the water around Tamki Makurao or the Ooty Great Barrier.”

He said any emergencies in the waters around the Auckland and Ooty Great Barriers would mean that the emergency services operating at Alert Level 4 would have to respond.


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