Several people are involved in Mallory Manning’s death – police.

Police believe more than one person was involved in the unsolved murder of Christchurch woman Mallory Manning.

Mallory Manning.

Mallory Manning.
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Manning, a sex worker, died after going to work at Central Christchurch on December 18, 2008, and was last seen alive that evening.

The next morning, his body was found floating in the Avon River.

Police have launched a fresh appeal for information, saying they believe more than one person was involved in his death.

Detective Inspector Greg Merton said police were trying to identify the man, whose DNA profile was obtained from a semen sample found during an autopsy.

Manning was the victim of a lengthy and violent attack that led to his death, and Merton described the 13-year investigation into his death as “complex and challenging.”

Manning had been a sex worker for a long time but had not been seen on the street for some time, but it was close to Christmas and she wanted to earn money to buy Christmas presents for her family.

That night she was offered a ride in the city and arrived at her Manchester Street corner around 9.30am.

She was wearing a typical pink skirt and a blue and white polka dot bikini top.

Manning was last seen in his corner between 10.35-10.40 at night.

The next morning, about 6:40 a.m. Friday, December 19, his body was found floating in the Avon River near Dillington Terrace.

The investigation into his death was called Operation Dillington.

“It was clear that Mail was the victim of a long and violent attack that resulted in his death.

The investigation team also believes that several people were involved in his death due to the nature of his injuries.

Two clients who were with Manning on Thursday evening have been removed as individuals.

“The investigation team at the time was very optimistic that the male BDNA sample would match that of anyone on the criminal DNA database. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

“The investigation team has spent a lot of time and effort over the last 13 years trying to obtain DNA samples from interested people who were not in the criminal DNA database. Unfortunately, we did not identify the male B. Coins. “

Merton said police were seeking information about the identity of Mord B or any other information about who was involved in his death and what happened that night.

He appealed to the people to come forward to give some restraint to the family.


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