Students are happy to be back in Southland secondary schools.

The principals of Southland Secondary School say that the return of students to the classroom was easy.

Covid 19 Lockdown kept students at home for online schooling, but when South Island went on alert level 2 this week., The majority returned on the first day on Thursday.

Jared Kelly, principal of Warden College, said students and teachers are happy to see each other in person again.

“We had an online commitment. [home schooling] It’s back to school … we’ve done it before, it’s normal.

“Everyone is excited to be back.”

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Peter Wilkinson, principal of Northern Southland College, said the school environment was “wonderful” and the students were back in learning.

Grant Dick, principal of Central Southland College, said the students returned in large numbers.

He added that the students adapted well to homework and alert level restrictions.

Mike Newell, principal of Dick and James Hargist College, did not know of any student who did not want to return.

We had 94% boys and 92% girls. [return] … That’s a great result, “Newell said.

“In some ways, it’s not surprising when students are well supported at home.”

Aurora College had a large number of students returning on Thursday, and Principal Robin Hackman was happy to see them back.

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