T. Arava’s Covid 19 message: Get vaccinated to save lives.

Sir Toby Curtis said the vaccine works, and will help prevent a resurgence of the


Sir Toby Curtis said the vaccine works, and will help prevent a resurgence of the “catastrophe” seen a century ago with the Spanish flu pandemic.

Te Arawa iwi has issued a collective call for arms to vaccinate people against Code 19.

This is T. Arava’s official message as III collectively and formally announced its position on the vaccine.

Te Arawa kaumātua Sir Toby Curtis summed up the message in which he said that Te Arawa would like to send to all his people: Asking to be booked. “

Says Curtis. The latest epidemic Reveals how fragile Autorva’s current defense is, Maori is particularly vulnerable to the virus.

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“The Maori are and are at least 50 percent more likely to die from covid 19 than Pakiha. 2.5 times more likely to be hospitalized.. Of the five Maori people aged 12 and over, only two doses of the covid vaccine have been found, compared to one in three in the general population.

“We have seen evidence from around the world and from Aotearoa that this vaccine protects people from serious illness, hospitalization and death due to Covid 19,” he said.

T. Arava Kamutova Sir Toby Curtis said,

Tom Lee / Things.

“Only one in five people aged 12 and over have two doses of the vaccine vaccine, compared to one in three in the general population,” said T. Arava Kamotova, Sir Toby Curtis.

“Studies continue to prove what we already know – a wide-ranging community vaccine for all eligible people is important in helping to protect people from both infection and serious disease, Covid 19.

In short, the vaccine is working to save lives. We do not want to review the end of the Spanish flu on our people and our Wahhabapa. If vaccinated now, they will help save lives.

Dr Grace Malcolm, a member of Te Runanga o Ngāti Pikiao GP and Te Roopu Hauora o Te Arawa, said the effects of the virus far outweighed the risk of side effects from any possible vaccine.

“No corners have been cut in terms of vaccine safety and testing, which, like every other vaccine in our country, has been approved by MedSafe.

“We are particularly vulnerable to Maori Covid 19, so it is important that we take immediate steps to protect ourselves and our Wana while the threat of the virus remains imminent,” Malcolm said.

One day the virus could enter our community. If that happens, we need to be confident that we have done everything we can to protect our people. We can achieve this by encouraging and facilitating more people to get vaccinated.

An Irrawaddy Drive-Through Vaccination Clinic will be held again on Sunday 26th and Monday 27th September at 33 Clayton RD (Old Food Stuffs Site) to make it easier for Wana to be vaccinated.

“It’s as easy as driving, registering, getting vaccinated, resting for 15 minutes and then getting out. We got amazing feedback from the clinic last week – there’s music, there’s dancing, there’s laughter – and who cares?” Likes

The clinic can now be booked at 0800 28 29 26 via Whānau Drive and refer to “Te Arawa” or With access code BHTKHZZY6E.

“But you don’t need a reservation to come to the drive-through clinic – people can just drive or walk upstairs and we’ll register them on the spot.”

The full announcement, and the list of Hopi and Ivy who put their names on it, can be found. Here.

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