The owner of the cafe, Koved 19, stands up against the ban and public criticism.

The Firebird Cafe in Lyon has been embroiled in controversy over its essentials, protesting the essential aspects of Covid 19's response.

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The Firebird Cafe in Lyon has been embroiled in controversy over its essentials, protesting the essential aspects of Covid 19’s response.

The owner of a Lyon cafe says he has been the target of threats and online reactions after customers refused to ask for mandatory vaccinations and show QR codes.

The Firebird Cafe on Oxford St. caught the attention of passers-by and customers this week when it displayed large signs in its front window with the words: “Unite against the systematic erosion of our freedom to choose. “And it all feels wrong. Don’t you think so?”

Owner Tony Boland said he put up eye-catching banners because he believed people had the right to choose to be vaccinated, but did not consider themselves anti-vaccinators.

All my children have been vaccinated. I feel like I’m being attacked for trying to protect my rights.

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When the signs were removed. Equipment Visited Friday morning, but there was no QR code on display.

This stance has triggered a number of negative comments and reviews on Facebook and Reddit. Anna McMartin, who was on a road trip, criticized the caf روی’s behavior regarding the Covid 19 restrictions, in response to a Level 2 warning.

“For starters, I couldn’t find the QR code. Why is it here – it was behind the door and was broken, read ‘Scan here for bull compliance’. To see a masked staff behind the counter , I looked really confused for a second.

Boland said he opened the cafe earlier this year to create a sense of community, and found that people were worried about the lockdown.

“A lot of people come here and break up because they can’t deal with what’s happening. It affects me physically, I can’t stand seeing people in such pain …”

He said he was called a fool and his daughter was accused of killing children for sharing her views.

“I object to being held legally responsible. [tracing sign-ins]. ”

He had a QR code and paper on the back of the counter if needed, and guardians could ask him to sign.

Boland said she would not support people wearing masks or wearing them themselves – although customers can.

A spokesman for WorkSafe Media said they got engaged in July after a report of non-compliance with the Firebird requirement to disclose the QR code.

As long as this QR code is displayed and the record keeping requirements are met, they can display the custom QR code.

“WorkSafe will not interfere with the display of anti-wax propaganda.”

“During Alert Level 2, people who work in customer-facing roles in hospitality venues should legally cover their faces,” he said. Consumers can take off their food and drink masks.

Anyone who has concerns can complain.

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