The recently expired WOF, Rego and licenses can be used until the end of November.

People whose vehicle licenses or registrations have already expired before the lockdown will have more time to update.

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The Ministry of Transport has confirmed that the driving license, warrant and fitness certificate, registration and license validation, which expires on or after July 21, can be used until the end of November.

Transport Minister Michael Wood said it would provide reassurance to those who had to use their vehicle at high alert levels.

“Lockdown is under pressure. People don’t have to worry about fines for being a recently expired WOF if they are driving to access essential services or as a necessary worker.

“It is still the driver’s responsibility to keep his vehicle fit for the road and I urge everyone to check their vehicle regularly. We are telling the drivers to leave, give him a TWIRL.” – Check your tires, windscreens, wipers, mirrors, indicators, find rust, and check your lighting.

“Drivers still need to be medically fit to drive, comply with the relevant restrictions and conditions on their licenses and abide by all road rules. License suspensions and disqualifications will continue to apply.”

“Anyone outside of Auckland should try to keep everything up-to-date because the facilities under level 2 are open,” he said.

He also said that work is underway to expedite the temporary expansion in the future.

Welcoming the confirmation, the Road Transport Forum said that the uncertainty was creating confusion on the insurance cover.

“In our heavily regulated industry, paperwork is important,” said Chief Executive Nick Leggett.

That is why, since the inception of the Level 4 lockdown, the RTF has been demanding a formal statement from the government on important licenses and certificates for keeping drivers and trucks on the road.

“It’s here today and we can’t be happier. One of our biggest concerns was insurance coverage, which is why this extension needs to come from the top for paperwork.”

He urged road users to ensure that all documents are up to date by the end of November.


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