Untold: Breaking Point: Former tennis star Mardi Gras has opened up in a new Netflix band.

Untold: Breaking point.

I didn’t remember the name Mardi Gras.

He was a rising star in American and world tennis in the early years of the 21st century. He and his compatriot and close friend Andy Roddick were both products of the Wild Elite Saddleback Academy. Pete Sampras was an alumnus.

American tennis, in those years, was retreating from the race of two decades in which the Americans had almost dominated the game. The breed of fish and rodent was expected to carry on the glorious tradition of at least one American who would stand out in all the important finals.

Like all sports, tennis attracts the driver and the perfectionist, but it also wins a friend over a friend. In a team game, or mostly on the track and field, if you don’t win, there are a lot of people around you who can share their defeat, but in tennis, you die alone. Even in professional sports, tennis is notorious for the mental health of its players.

Breaking point This is the fifth installment of this great Netflix series. It has taken the fish’s heights to new heights – with Andy Murray, Nadal and Roddick on the way – and then falling into mental anguish and suicidal depression as the legendary mental “hardness” spreads. It’s an inspiring, dynamic look at an elite world. Recommended

Former US tennis star Mardi Gras is the subject of the Netflix documentary Untold: Breaking Point.


Former US tennis star Mardi Gras is the subject of the Netflix documentary Untold: Breaking Point.

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Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror is now available to stream on Netflix.

Turning point: 9/11 and the war on terror.

Sticking to the documentary series, it is a complete and fascinating dive into the 20-year “war on terror” that the United States opened in the months following the fall of the World Trade Center.

This series will not please the conspiracy theorists, there is very little mention of what you do not think about it. But, in episodes covering the aftermath of the invasion of Afghanistan and the suffering of other empires اور and then the increasingly unpopular escalation of the war in Iraq and elsewhere, it is a solid, even handy, and often surprising series.

Filmmaker Brian Nippon Burger is making an excellent CV of documentary projects. The Internet’s own boy. And No one speaks: free press tests. Both received rave reviews and genuine interest.

The turning point 9/11 will not be the last documentary to be seen. A dozen or more of them are set to fall on different platforms this week and next. But it could only be the final series اب so far پر of two decades of continuous warfare and bloodshed that has been a new reality in New York City since the dawn of that era.

Time is now available to stream on Netflix.

In time

Earlier this week, dystopian thriller. In time It’s a reasonable way to waste an hour or two of your life, even though it’s a story about people who would be very upset if they knew you were doing it.

Justin Timberlake has acted as a man living in the near future in which people literally live with a watch in their arm that is ticking the minutes of their lives. Timberlock’s will is for a poor man who has no more than a day to live, which he must work every day to increase. But, on the hill in their mansions, the rich can have centuries of life to gamble and play.

Writer and director Andrew Nicole takes this interesting arrogance and then puts all his satirical possibilities into a beautiful standard boy meeting girl and he walks on yarn. You’ve probably seen worse movies, but you’ll need to be too young or too impressed to really get excited. In time.

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