Canterbury and Otago hit by storm and lightning overnight

For the second time in a week, parts of the country have been battered by overnight storms, which have ignited bushes and left hundreds without power.

The Met Service released one. Rare red weather warning for Canterbury High Country and Daman., Sunday afternoon to Monday morning.

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There were strong winds and heavy rain warnings for Wellington and Virarpa along the southern island overnight.

The red warnings were only for extreme weather events, where significant impacts and disruptions were expected.

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Canterbury was also hit by strong winds earlier in the week.  Pictured are fallen trees on State Highway 1 on the way to Temuka.

Valentina Bellomo / Things.

Canterbury was also hit by strong winds earlier in the week. Pictured are fallen trees on State Highway 1 on the way to Temuka.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand spokesman Andrew Norris said weather-related callouts had dropped significantly since midnight on Sunday.

“It wasn’t as bad as we thought before.”

He said the focus of firefighters early Monday was on the Brook Forest in Outram, about 40 kilometers west of Dunedin, where a lightning strike on Sunday night reportedly caused a fire.

The crew extinguished all the flames around midnight on Sunday, but a crew monitored the burning area overnight as large amounts of slash were still releasing too much heat and the fire was believed to still be burning. Burning underground

Two helicopters were expected to return to the area in the early hours of Monday.

He said crews also took part in the fire, which was thought to be an abandoned house near White Soo Valley RD in Ranforly, Otago.

The house was “well involved” in the fire when two staff from Ranfurley and Naseebi arrived at about 4:20 a.m. Monday.

He said crews worked to prevent the fire from spreading to any nearby property and extinguished it within an hour.

It was not immediately clear how the fire started, and firefighters will return to the scene on Monday to determine the cause.

There are also reports of old windstorms all over Canterbury, but nothing special happened until 6.30am.

The Met Service issued a strong wind warning for the capital and Virarpa, with northwest storms sometimes severe, with storms reaching up to 130 kilometers per hour.

Heavy rain warning was also issued for Tarwa district.

The winds were from a cold front that enveloped the southern island, and winds were expected to reach speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour in exposed areas.

Wild winds also caused chaos in Mid-Canterbury, after a tree flew over power lines – leaving about 700 homes in the dark.

Oren said on his website that he expects power outages due to the storm, and that his crew will be out as soon as power is restored Monday morning.

Orion Energy said properties in Coalgate, Glentonl, Glenroy, Hororata, Lake Coleridge, Rakia Valley, Terrace Downs and Windsill areas were affected.

Orion advised people to keep loose items safe and be prepared for possible power outages as a result of Sunday night’s storm.

Steven MacDonald, Orin’s general manager of infrastructure, said: “In these dangerous situations, our staff is standing by now, except in situations where there is an immediate threat to public safety.”

He said staff, and contractors the company had brought from other centers, were ready to resume work on Monday at first light.

People were warned that all lines should be considered live during the shutdown as power could be restored at any time.

Further south, Alpine Energy said severe weather left hundreds of homes in southern Canterbury without electricity.

At 5 a.m., Alpine Energy listed several areas that had been closed due to severe weather. These included Arundel, Esc Valley, Four Peaks, Jackson Bush, Ottawa, Hadlow, Levels Plain, Tyco and Washdeck Flats.

There were also reports that the flight from Wellington to Queenstown was unable to land, and was diverted.

The Met Service forecast left many people expecting cleanliness.

The winds are likely to cause extensive damage to trees and power lines, especially in Canterbury High Country and the foothills, said meteorologist Hordor Thorderson.

The forecaster initially predicted that driving conditions would be dangerous, and that falling trees or branches and flying debris would endanger lives.

Strong winds also damaged roofs and removed unsafe structures.

Greg Anderson, president of South Canterbury Federated Farmers, a Mackenzie district farmer, said Sunday night that farmers hope the winds will not be as strong as predicted.

“A lot of trees were down in the Mackenzie Basin after Thursday night’s winds, but the infrastructure wasn’t severely damaged.

John Bassett / Staff

Eight-year-old James Steven was horrified to see three cars crushed when the wind blew trees on his Fairview farm on the outskirts of Temaro.

“All you can do is tie things up and not go out in the air. We always blow decent winds here. Stock is not a problem. It’s dairy sheds, irrigation and loose iron.

Otago and Canterbury were also hit by strong winds that affected the south and ignited overnight on Thursday and early Friday.

Susan Irving from Dunedin was happy that her neighbor's huge tree fell from her house instead of hers.

Susan Irving / Things.

Susan Irving from Dunedin was happy that her neighbor’s huge tree fell from her house instead of hers.

97km / h in Temaro, 120km / h on Oraki / Mount Kok, 89km / h on Twizel and 100km / h in Amarama Recorded Thursday night..

Falling trees closed roads, destroyed garden sheds and left about 7,000 homes without electricity.

Lorraine Blake, from North Canterbury, also kept it. 21 square meters prefabricated beauty salon blue wool.r – Strong winds of more than 100 km per hour in his Oxford home

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